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Domestic passenger car market, exports and production still climbing

02. April 2014

In March 2014, new registrations of passenger cars in Germany rose by 5 per cent to 296,400 units, continuing the expected stabilisation. In the first quarter the figures increased by 6 per cent to 711,700 vehicles. Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), stressed, "The welcome development on the German market consolidated in March.”


Wissmann: Decision on charging connectors will boost electric cars

01. April 2014

Today the European Parliament’s Transport Committee endorsed a draft Directive defining a Europe-wide standard connector for the charging infrastructure for electric cars.


Wissmann: German manufacturers lead in electric mobility

25. March 2014

Electric mobility is entering the German market at full speed. "There is no other country anywhere in the world with such a wide range of electric automobiles.


Wissmann: German automotive industry aims for accident-free traffic

20. March 2014

"The German automotive industry is working on a completely new definition of safety in road traffic. The future lies in connecting vehicles with one another, with the infrastructure and with the Internet. Cars will communicate with one another using either mobile telephony or wireless networks."


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