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VDA Recommendation 305-100 Interchangeability

VDA Recommendation for integration of Electric Parking Brakes control into ESC Control Units

Department: Technology
Format: PDF-File, 2 MB
Content type: VDA-Empfehlungen
Date: 08/07/14
Available languages: German
Description: Content of this document: VDA recommendation 305-100 describes and defines the integration of the activation of caliper-integrated parking brake actuators into an ESC control unit from a different manufacturer. This VDA recommendation describes: the portions supplied by the OES of the EPB and the ESC the responsibilities and the associated procedure the functional architecture the interface with the necessary detailed information the safeguarding of functional security. The content of this recommendation has been selected such that the constraints permit combining EPB and ESC from different suppliers, but without restricting further product-specific development by these OES.
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