Matthias WissmannVDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie

Departments The guarantor of competence and service

At its Berlin headquarters, more than 70 VDA employees in 20 different departments ensure that the interests of the German automotive industry are competently represented from "A" as in Aftermarket to "T" as in Transport policy.


icon: Communication

The department is responsible for strategic communication, publications, the website, the CD and campaigns.

Automotive supply industry and medium-sized businesses

icon: Vehicle Parts and Accessories

Here suppliers will find support for areas that are of great importance to them.


icon: Logistics

VDA logistics represents national and international interests of the automotive industry in the logistics field.


icon: Press

The department is responsible for press releases and an internal press website for journalists.

Law and Insurance

icon: Law and Insurance

The department represents the interest of members in relevant legal and insurance matters.

Markets, Analyses, Raw Materials, Statistics (MARS)

icon: Markets, Analyses, Raw Materials, Statistics (MARS)

MARS is the contact for statistical questions, evaluation of the current business cycle and automobile forecasts worldwide.

Taxes and customs duties

icon: Taxation

The department takes the increasing importance of taxation and customs duties in the automotive industry into account.


icon: Technology

The department is responsible for environmental and vehicle safety issues and the VDA Technical Congress.

Environment policy and technical environment protection

icon: Umwelt

The department focuses not only on general environmental protection issues but also on environmental protection requirements on the production side.

Transport policy

icon: Transport

HR, finance, central services

icon: Administration and Finances

The department is responsible for all commercial matters.

Economic and climate protection policy

icon: Economy and Strategy

The department analyzes the economy for the industry and drafts trendsetting strategies.

Research Association for Automotive Technology (FAT)

icon: Research Association for Automotive Technology (FAT)

FAT stands for communication and joint research of the automotive industry as the basis for innovative products.


icon: Automotive StandardsCommittee in DIN

The department represents the national and international standardization interests in automotive technology, telematics and freight containers.

Quality management centre (QMC)

icon: Quality Management Center

The QMC works for quality management in the automobile industry, controlled by the highest committee, the Quality Management Board.