VDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie

Organisational Chart

General meeting  
Automobiles and respective engines
(Manufacturer group I)
Trailers, Bodies and Buses
(Manufacturer group II)
Parts and accessories
(Manufacturer group III)
Eckehart RotterTel.: -120
  • Press automotive and politics, traffic education, media monitoring
Sandra Courant
Tel.: -124
(deputy head of department)
Peter MairTel.: -125
Stefanie SenftTel.: -122
Executive committee / Management board
Matthias Wissmann
Matthias Wissmann
Tel.: +49 30 897842-110
Fax: +49 30 897842-
  • Strategy and overall VDA coordination
  • National and international association representation
  • Cooperation with leading national and international associations
  • Press and communication
Dirk EvensonTel.: -130
  • Strategic communication, PR, corporate design, IAA communication, association activities, Internet
Angelika OhseTel.: -132
Sabine SteinhoffTel.: -133
Jürgen MindelTel.: -101
Fax: -601
  • Head of the Office of the President and coordination
  • Fundamental issues and co-ordination, President’s speeches, support for VDA-policy projects, preparation & minutes of VDA Managing Board meetings, preparation for OICA Council & General Assembly, issues arising from minutes
Business unit A
Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn
Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn – Managing Director
Tel.: -105
Fax: -602
Support of manufacturer groups (HG) with regards to the following aspects:
  • Technology, safety, environment protection, energy, labour safety, hazardous materials, research standardisation, quality management, logistics
Leading competence of VDA‘s involvement in:
  • DIN, CEN, ISO, DVR, TÜV, Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft, VDI, ODETTE
  • Vintage vehicles

Hans-Thomas EbnerTel.: -280
  • Technical Committee ATSU,
    R&D Committee Suppliers, Materials Committee, Technical Congress, promotion of newcomers, networking, technical service
Marko GustkeTel.: -287
  • Networked vehicle systems (v2v, v2x, amongst others Project SIMTD) and cooperative vehicle systems, automated driving, technical service, EU control unit
Roland HahnTel.: -284
  • Materials Committee, Standardisation and hamonization of specifications and methods of testing, Active Safety, Brakes and Steering Systems
Dr. Sascha PfeiferTel.: -286
  • Passive Safety, Commercial Vehicle Technology (trucks and buses), View and Handling
Dr. Jakob SeilerTel.: -285
  • Vehicle Emissions, Energy/Fuels/CO2
    Noise Emissions
Uwe ToppelTel.: -288
  • Type Approval Procedure for Vehicles and Parts, Export Homologation,
    Lighting, Anti Theft Device, Electrical Engineering in Plant Construction

Werner MockTel.: -222
  • Logistics processes, Logistics Board, Logistics Steering Committee, Odette, cooperation with AWV, BVL, DIN, DSLV, ENX, Fraunhofer, logistics service providers, universities
Sascha GröbelTel.: -223
  • Container standardization (CoC Packaging), Digital Factory, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Global MMOG/LE (suppliers’ assessment tool)
Jörg WaltherTel.: -224
  • EDI and eBusiness, Electronic invoicing processes, KIT (Communication and Information Technology), E 12-Automotive, UPIK advisory counsil (Unique Partner Identification Key), RFID/ Industry 4.0, FeRD (eInvoicing forum in Germany), safety in B2B-communication, cooperation with CEN, e-documents in logistics
Environment policy and technical environment protection

Dr. Stefan WöhrlTel.: -300
  • General environmental policy, product-related environmental issues, production-related energy issues, occupational safety, fire prevention, dangerous goods, hazardous substances, industrial engineering, substances, recycling, sustainability
Christina MeßnerTel.: -302
  • Product-related environmental issues, supply chain management, eco-balance, resource efficiency
Research Association for Automotive Technology (FAT)

Dr. Friedrich PreißerTel.: -310
  • Joint pre-competition research and development:
    Safety, technical environmental research, energy efficiency and electrical integration, materials/production technologies and calculation methods, the commercial vehicle transport system
Standardisation institution of the VDA and the DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.

Egbert FritzscheTel.: -320
  • National/international standardisation strategy, electric mobility and alternative drive train technologies, co-operation with national/international standardisation organisations, cross-industry standardisation
 Stephan Krähnert Tel.: -324
  • Standardisation at national/European/international level for the departments electrical/electronic components and systems, load securing in commercial vehicles, containers and swap bodies
Philipp NiermannTel.: -322
  • Standardisation at national/European/international level for the departments vehicle dynamics / chassis technology, general vehicle an engine technology, accident protection and restraint systems
Eric Wern Tel.: -323
  • Standardisation at national/European/international level for the departments communication technologies, intelligent traffic systems, driver assistance systems, ergonomics, view in vehicles
Quality management centre (QMC)

Heinz-Günter PlegnièreTel.: -230
  • Director
Cosmina BaicanTel.: -231
  • QMC event management
Margret WunderlichTel.: -161
  • accounting QMC / FAT
Marina EhrhardTel.: -235
  • QMC - publications Marketing
Norbert HaßTel.: -240
  • Head of VDA-QMC specialist department,    IATF oversight office
Manfred MüllerTel.: -241
  • ISO/TS certification bodies
André ElsterTel.: -242
  • specialist department Witness audits / office assessments
Dana LiebschTel.: -245
  • specialist department Witness audits / office assessments
Reinhard HagenTel.: -250
  • Head of QMC vocational and further education
Anne SczukaTel.: -251
  • vocational and further education - Inhouse training co-ordination
Teresa Müller-OttTel.: -252
  • vocational and further education - Co-ordination of open training sessions
Raissa NurislamovaTel.: -254
  • vocational and further education - Training, international relations
Timm Zöllmer
Tel.: 00 86 10 659000-67

Alexander Amyalyev
QMC office Russia
Tel.: 007 495 36343-53
Classic cars

Stefan RöhrigTel.: -380
  • Support of traditional areas, manufacturers and suppliers, cooperation with associations regarding tradition and vintage vehicles
Industry´s co-ordination unit for electric mobility

Matthias KrählingTel.: -420
  • Working group electric mobility, TCO/incentive, CO2, CleanTechWorld/ Media-Award, China: Sino-German-Infrastructure Project
Dr. Peter KrausTel.: -423
  • Commercial Vehicles, Editorial NPE, 
    E-Fleet 2014
Henry KuhleTel.: -421
  • Electric Mobility Industry Committee, VDA working group "Energy Storage", Editorial NPE, IKT
Michael WeissTel.: -422
  • Infrastructure / inductive charging, Energy storage, NPE, Showrooms Germany,
    E-Fleet 2014, China: unification IPR-law
Business unit B
Klaus Bräunig
Klaus Bräunig – Managing Director
Tel.: -103
Support of manufacturer groups (HG) with regards to the following aspects and support of the HG III advisory board:
  • Fundamental questions
  • Automotive supply industry, medium-sized businesses and aftermarket
  • Exhibitions
  • Taxes and customs duties, law and insurance
Responsibility for:
  • HR and finance
Automotive supply industry and medium-sized businesses

Helmut WeirichTel.: -400
  • Professional issues of manufacturer group III, VDA medium-sized business sector, cooperation with domestic and foreign supplier associations and institutions
André KunkelTel.: -402
  • VDA manufacturer index ("VDA key”), VDA cooperation portal, specific questions concerning the automotive industry

Karin GhirodiTel.: -410
  • Aftermarket business issues, suppliers‘ trade business, coordination and representation of specific aftermarket needs, cooperation with national and international associations

Gabriele ZimmermannTel.: -200
  • International Automobile Fair (IAA), International Exhibition Committee (OICA), other exhibition issues
Stephanie GlässerTel.: -202
  • Exhibitor service
Jan HeckmannTel.: -205
  • IAA-Organisation
Michael KnabTel.: -204
  • Booth planning and allocation, review and approval of booth designs, booth assembly and disassembly
Viola StockingerTel.: -203
  • Booth planning and allocation, booth construction regulations, review and approval of booth designs, booth assembly and disassembly, building application
Taxes and customs duties

Dr. Monika WünnemannTel.: -270
  • Tax policy and tax-based legal issues of the automotive industry, customs duties, motor vehicle tax
Law and insurances

Dr. Ralf ScheibachTel.: -260
  • Law, financial services, customer support issues, DAT, DVS, DVW, FIW, organisation and member management
Dr. Wiebke Gebhard (currently on parental leave)/
Dr. Ricarda LefflerTel.: -263
  • Law, public procurement, autobanks and insurance
Nicola von HollebenTel.: -262
  • Law, industrial property rights, Public procurement, Data protection, insurance issues, DKF
HR, finance, central services

Markus KubitzaTel.: -160
  • Annual financial statements, finance and insurance, facility management,
    travel and fleet management, health and safety committee, commercial projects 
Ingrid BeckerTel.:- 164
  • VDA membership fees, VDA accounting (customers), International Motor Show (IAA) accounting
Kathrin KramerTel.: -162
  • VDA accounting (suppliers), preparation of annual financial statements VDA, banks
Gabriele TkotzTel.:- 163
  • HR, salaries and wages, travel costs, time recording
Business unit C
Dr. Kay Lindemann
Dr. Kay Lindemann – Managing Director
Tel.: -107
Support of manufacturer groups (HG) with regards to the following aspects and support of the HG II advisory board:
  • Economic policy, markets, climate
  • Utility vehicles, transport policy,
  • European policy, Brussels office
  • Inhouse communication
Responsible for:
  • ACEA, IRU, CLCCR, Pro Mobilität
Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Bodies and Buses

Thomas FabianTel.: -370
  • Technical matters in Manufacturer Group II, specific questions for commercial vehicle and bus manufacturers, distribution affairs commercial vehicle, CLCCR General Secretariat
Anja Michael (currently on parental leave)/
Tijen OnaranTel.: -371
  • Project-related questions in the commercial vehicle industry, Support for selected bodies in Manufacturer Group II
Economic and climate protection policy

Dr. Martin KoersTel.: -350
  • Economic policy, foreign economic and trade policy, national and international matters in climate-action policy
Kahan ErtikTel.: -353
  • Foreign trade promotion and development cooperation
Angela MansTel.: -352
  • Foreign Economics
Dr. Volker SchottTel.: -361
  • The economy and economic policy
Markets, Analyses, Raw Materials, Statistics

Marius BaaderTel.: -330
  • National and international automotive and economy statistics, automotive and emission forecasts, economic situation, analyses of international industry sectors, matters of raw materials, distribution affairs automobile
Alexander FritzTel.: -333
  • Production and Export Statistics, Structural Analysis and Emissions
Dennis KlingebielTel.: -334
  • Economic Situation, Forecasts, Foreign Statistics and Analyses
Christina MatthiesTel.: -332
  • Economic Situation, Forecasts, Foreign Statistics and Analyses
Petra MüllerTel.: -335
  • German Domestic Statistics
Tim StappenTel.: -336
  • Statistics trailers and fuel consumption, international economic situation of commercial vehicles, official statistics
European policy and VDA branch office in Brussels

Ralf DiemerTel.: 0032 2 50460-67
Fax: 0032 2 50460-68
  • co-ordination of European political issues of the VDA, contact with the European Institutions, VDA-Members, BDI; head of branch office in Brussels
Sascha WagnerTel.: 0032 2 50460-66
  • Monitoring of automotive decision-making processes of European Institutions, communication of current matters to the VDA and members of the VDA
Tineke BartschTel.: -123
  • Political Communication Berlin
Dr. Christoph MuhleTel.: -102
  • inter-divisional speeches, position papers and projects
Transport policy

Dr. Michael NiedenthalTel.: -360
  • National and international transport policy, energy-, environment- and social-political issues related to traffic, telematics, and transport in the automotive industry
Dr. Volker SchottTel.: -361
  • Passenger and goods transport issues, data analyses and forecasts
Inhouse communication

Wolfgang BartschTel.: -180
  • IT business strategy, EDP network responsibility, telecommunication and mobile communication
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