It covers all service and spare parts areas as well as vehicle diagnostics and technical information.

In the future the post-series supply, e.g. the availability of spare parts for a run-out car model, will be affected strongly by the growing share of electronic components. The example of computers or mobile phones reveals impressively, how fast-moving this technology is. Yet in the automotive industry the life cycle of series production and post-series supply averages more than 15 years. Consequently the costs for electronic components increase dramatically after the run-out of a series because of the smaller quantities needed. Suppliers and car manufacturers strive to find joint solutions for their customers. Common goal is to insure that car drivers and workshops can obtain spare parts at an adequate price also after the run-out of a specific car model.

In 2004 the Aftermarket Committee has formed a common work group to address the problems involved in electric / electronic (e/e) post-series supply:

Karin Ghirodi
Karin Ghirodi Head of Department Aftermarket

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