It covers all service and spare parts areas as well as vehicle diagnostics and technical information.

Supply Chain Management in the aftermarket

The Aftermarket Committee in the VDA works continuously on the optimisation of the supply chain in order to improve service level for their customers as well as attain potential savings. The respective proposals are being developed in project teams that consist of representatives of the leading car manufacturers, suppliers, IT companies and the VDA.

Below we provide you with information on the current projects and the documents available.

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1. VDA guideline 4948: bypass deliveries and x-docking in the aftermarket

In certain product categories or situations a direct physical delivery of parts from the supplier to its customer's customers is useful. Hereby one or more warehouses are being skipped in agreement with the customer. Such deliveries are referred to as bypass deliveries. An alternative procedure is the physical delivery of parts from a supplier via the x-docking area in the customer's warehouse to the end customer.

2. VDA guideline 4949: exception handling in the aftermarket

Whereas the transmission and processing of call-offs and orders work in a standardised and automated manner, the exception handling still uses non-standardised and non-automated ways of communication such as email, phone, fax and partly individual systems (internet portals). A number of disadvantages result from this situation: high manual effort, time need etc. For this reason a guideline was developed containing recommendations for standardisation in the communication process between manufacturer and supplier.

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