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The department Automotive Technologies and Eco-systems coordinates the technical innovation and specialist topics of the industry

Competence Center for Technical Regulations & Materials

The vehicles of the future must comply with country-specific regulations and laws so that they are approved by the local authorities. There are very different regulations and approval processes worldwide for e.g. Crash behavior, exhaust gases  or braking systems.

In this context, the Competence Center for Technical Regulations & Materials represents the interests of the members in the homologation, certification and legislative process.

The Competence Center for Technical Regulations & Materials is responsible for two VDA committees. The VDA Technology, Safety and Environment Committee (ATSU) is responsible for the complex subject of vehicle requirements in national, European and international regulations. In addition, the VDA materials committee provides a holistic view of materials and associated test methods.


The Team

Philipp Niermann
Head of the Competence Center for Technical Regulations & Materials
Regulations and Harmonization
Tel.: +49 30 897842-322

Sabrina Brennicke
Team Assistant
Tel.: +49 30 897842-281

Arlina Benson
Homologation, Certification and Legislation
Tel.: +49 30 897842-280

Thomas Garczorz
Homologation, Certification and Legislation
Active safety and driver assistance systems
Brakes and chassis
Tel.: +49 30 897842-284

Lukas Nulle
Homologation, Certification and Legislation
EU type approval
Export homologation
Noise Emissions
Tel.: +49 30 897842-286

Andreas Perl
Homologation, Certification and Legislation
Security, passive security
Insurance requirements
Tel.: +49 30 897842-282

Katharina Pollück
Commercial Vehicles
Tel.: +49 30 897842-283

Georg Stüdlein
Tel.: +49 30 897842-289

Vincent Rickert
Working Student
Tel.: +49 30 897842-287

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