Environment policy and technical environment protection

The department is responsible for sustainability, environmental, industrial safety and energy issues

Environment policy and technical environment protection – a central issue for the VDA

An essential objective of the German automotive industry is the protection  of the  environment. It continously strives to minimize environmental effects of products and production processes with the help of numerous innovations. A holistic approach which considers the whole lifecycle of a product is particularly important.

The main focus of the department's work is general environment protection issues (e.g. imissions) as well as environmental protection requirements on the production side (e.g. production-based emissions).

The department supports topics like industrial safety, occupational healthcare, fire protection, energy, vehicle recycling, legislation on hazardous substances, hazardous goods and chemicals, clean air and climate policy, waste management, waste water and emissions law as well as eco-auditing and sustainability in more than 20 committees.

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