HR, finance, central services

The department is responsible for all commercial matters, ranging from the classical areas of wages, financial accounting and drawing up the year-end financial statements, to budget monitoring, travel arrangements, company vehicles, and facility management.

The Team

Markus Kubitza
Head of Department HR, Annual financial statements, finance and insurance,
facility management, travel and fleet management, health and safety committee,
commercial projects 
Tel: +49 30 897842-160

Ingrid Becker
VDA membership fees, VDA accounting (customers),
International Motor Show (IAA) accounting
Tel: +49 30 897842-164

Kathrin Kramer
Tel: +49 30 897842-162
VDA accounting (suppliers), preparation of annual financial statements VDA,

Gabriele Tkotz
Tel: +49 30 897842-163
HR, salaries and wages, travel costs, time recording

Markus Kubitza
Markus Kubitza Head of Department HR, finance, central services

Tel: +49 30 897842-160 Fax: +49 30 897842-600
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