The Odette ID is used to identify your OFTP/OFTP2 capable station for logistics, invoice and CAD data exchange.

The Odette IDs are ordered and issued via Odette's internet portal (OSCAR - Odette System of Coding And Registration). All users register online please in order to obtain the OFTP-Code.

How to order:

Click on the link below to access the Odette portal application.

After registering your personal contact data you will get access to the ordering system. You need to place your order (select the OFTP Code - see also  "Purchase Code" in the OSCAR explaine file).

Non-members will receive an invoice  (175,00 € plus VAT one-off fee). After we received your payment you will receive another email asking you to register the station details linked to the code online again.

The OFTP-Code id free of charge for VDA members.

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