Member Services

Member services covers all the services offered by the VDA to its member companies. Including special offers for members, collecting the wishes and topics for the various committees, and networking with other partners. The team is also the initial point of contact for such new members as start-ups and companies from the digital economy.

Division Start-Ups & Tech Companies

The division Start-Ups & Tech Companies is the first point of contact for innovative players originating from the "automotive ecosystem”. Our aim is to connect all of them and to create a new mobility together.

Our Team

Stephan Reinders
Head of Start-Ups & Tech Companies
Tel.: +49 30 897 842 - 150

Jens Bernhardt
Consultant Start-Ups & Tech Companies
Tel.: +49 30 897 842 - 152

Stephan Reinders Leiter Abteilung Mitgliederservice

Tel: +49 30 897 842 - 150  
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