The department represents the national and international standardization interests in automotive technology, telematics and freight containers.

Standardization at national, European and international level

Organizations of Standardization

Connection of DIN to CEN and ISO

The NAAutomobil represents the interests of DIN in the following committees:

ISO/TC22       CEN/TC 301
Road vehicles

Road vehicles

ISO/TC 204 CEN/TC 278
Intelligent transport systems  Intelligent transport systems
(together with DKE)  

(together with DEK)

ISO/TC 104   

CEN/TC 119

Freight containers Swap bodies for combined goods transport

The standardization work is carried out in committees and working groups (at national level) and technical committees, sub-committees and working groups (on international and European level). The results of this work will be published as National Standards (DIN Standards), European Standards (EN Standards) and International Standards (ISO Standards).

Structure of NAAutomobil

Supply sources for Standards:

All DIN Standards for the Automotive Industry are collected in the

FAKRA Handbook
Standards for Automotive Industry

You can order this book here.

The Standard collection is created as a loose-leaf, which will be updated through supplementing deliveries. For this process is a subscription necessary. This book contains approximately 1.000 Standards and is divided in five volumes, which can also be ordered separately (Supply source Beuth Verlag).

Volume 1: General automotive technology
3 ring binder, approx. 2.050 pages
Euro 238,00, ISBN 978-3-410-41011-9

Volume 2: Engines and related parts
1 ring binder, approx. 900 pages
Euro 148,00, ISBN 978-3-410-41012-6

Volume 3: Wheels and tires
1 ring binder, approx. 300 pages
Euro 108,00, ISBN 978-3-410-41013-3

Volume 4: Braking equipment
1 ring binder, approx. 550 pages
Euro 148,00, ISBN 978-3-410-41014-0

Volume 5: Electrical Equipment
2 ring binder, approx. 1.250 pages
Euro 198,00, ISBN 978-3-410-41015-7

Egbert Fritzsche
Egbert Fritzsche Head of Department Standardisation

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