The department is responsible for environmental and vehicle safety issues and the VDA Technical Congress.

Technology – In the service of environment and safety

The Technology Department organizes the VDA Technical Congress, which meets annually at various locations on the topics of "Environment and Energy” and "Vehicle Safety and Electronics”. Over 40 keynotes and lectures from high-ranking personalities and more than 700 participants from politics, public offices and the automotive industry discuss the important technological-political topics in the automotive industry. In this respect, the department closely cooperates with two VDA committees. While the Technology, Safety and Environment Committee deals with complex environmental and vehicle safety issues and thus with registration regulations and EU guidelines, the Materials Committee focuses on standardization, quality assurance and technical legislation.

Uwe Möhrstädt Technical Director

Tel: +49 30 897 842 - 280 Fax: +49 30 897 842 - 606
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