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    The working groups for IAA MOBILITY and IAA TRANSPORTATION deal with all matters related to mobility, address fundamental issues and work on the continuous development of the event concept.

    The working groups for IAA MOBILITY and IAA TRANSPORTATION deal with all matters related to mobility, address fundamental issues and work on the continuous development of the event concept.

    The IAA working group deals with and resolves fundamental issues relating to the IAA MOBILITY. Regular meetings are held to report on all major conceptual steps and on additional focal points such as safety and (in the light of recent events) hygiene protection. Members of the working group also have the opportunity to raise questions. The working group is also used to report on and debate current resolutions. The IAA MOBILITY takes place in all years with an odd numbered year and, since 2021, at the new location in Munich.

    As the world's most important platform for the future of the commercial vehicle industry, the IAA TRANSPORTATION must keep pace with this development. Whether electric or hydrogen-powered buses, networked, automated truck fleets for long distances, driverless people movers or e-load bikes - the IAA TRANSPORTATION with its exhibitors and brands stands for a holistic picture of transportation. At the last IAA 2018, more than 2,000 exhibitors presented the potential for greater transport efficiency, environmental protection and safety in this dynamic key industry. Every two years - always those with an even numbered year - the IAA TRANSPORTATION takes place in Hanover. The working group deals with all aspects of the IAA TRANSPORTATION, deals with fundamental issues and works together on the continuous development of the event concept. At regular intervals, the working group members exchange information on the longer and shorter-term planning steps for IAA TRANSPORTATION. Following the cancellation of the event in 2020, IAA TRANSPORTATION will return in 2022 with an expanded concept and new ideas.

    It is critical to standardize technologies on the bring of being widely used within the automotive industry in due time. A vivid example is the standardization of optical identification media such as barcodes and radio-based identification media such as RFID. For example, it is foreseeable that technologies such as Bluetooth and Ultra Wide Band will be used more and more frequently in the logistics process chain.  The aspects of authenticity and integrity of the information can also play a role here.

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    The Working Group on Billing Processes is concerned with the description of billing processes and the development, maintenance and application of data structures for the electronic exchange of invoice and credit note data and payment notifications in the automotive industry.

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    AK SID is one of the working groups at the VDA that deals with horizontal integration (Industry 4.0) and the networking of companies and develops the corresponding recommendations for this. The focus here is on logistics processes.

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    The working group represents the interests of the automotive industry as industrial shippers. To this end, the committee analyzes the impact of political decisions and requirements on shippers and the automotive transport and logistics chains. On this basis, the committee develops joint positions vis-à-vis politicians. In addition, regular exchanges are sought with, for example, the Federal Ministry of Transport or the Federal Office for Goods Transport.

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    The task of the Packaging Standardization Working Group is to ensure cross-company exchange for the further development of packaging standards in order to increase the competitiveness of the automotive industry and to address and solve current logistical problems in the "material flow subsystem (TUL)" process chain with effects on load carriers and containers, but above all also on transport processes and interfaces.


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