Working groups

    Structured Information and Data Interchange (EDI)

    Chair: Thomas Sieck, Volkswagen AG
    Vice Chair: Rabea Bartylla, Robert Bosch GmbH

    AK SID is one of the working groups at the VDA that deals with horizontal integration (Industry 4.0) and the networking of companies and develops the corresponding recommendations for this. the focus is on logistics processes.

    Electronic data interchange, EDI, is replacing manual processes with automated ones. Significant cost savings, transparency, quality improvements and compliance in the processes, internally and externally, are achieved.

    The work results of the AK, based on requirements of VDA member companies, achieve a wide scope for standardized communication in the supply chain, both technically and in terms of content, as well as nationally and internationally.

    The digitalization of the supply chain is not complete and will continue to gain in importance as technical possibilities advance. Logistics processes and technologies are in constant flux. The development and adaptation of supporting digital formats must take this dynamic into account. The goal is to ensure efficient and digitized processes in logistics and finance that meet business process and legislative requirements as well as IT security.

    Project groups of AK SID are currently working on the following topics.

    Completed projects resulting in the publication of new recommendations.

    Important recommendations

    List of recommendations on EDI messages and documents accompanying shipments (german)

    VDA 4900 - Remote data transmission - EDIFACT user data frame

    VDA 4901 - Basic terms for data exchange in the supply chain

    VDA 4933 - Transport order with EDIFACT DESADV

    VDA 4939 - Shipment documents

    VDA 4943 - Packaging material shipment preview and delivery notification

    VDA 4945 - transport status message with EDIFACT IFTSTA

    VDA 4984 - Data transmission of delivery schedules with EDIFACT DELFOR

    VDA 4985 - Data transmission of Just-in-Time (JIT) call-offs with EDIFACT DELJIT

    VDA 4986 - Data transmission of production synchronous (JIS) call-offs with EDIFACT DELJIT

    VDA 4987 - Data transmission of shipping notifications with EDIFACT DESADV

    VDA 4990 - Data transmission of stock and stock movement messages with EDIFACT INVRPT

    VDA 4994 - Global Transport Label

    VDA 4996 - Operational truck control in the arrival area

    Information on secure data exchange with OFTP2

    Archive of recommendations on EDI messages and documents accompanying shipments

    Contact person

    Jenny Herzfeldt

    Consultant EDI/Digitalization of the Supply Chain