Working groups

    Structured Information and Data Interchange (Billing)

    Chair: Richard Erzberger, Daimler AG

    The Working Group on Invoicing Processes deals with the description of invoicing processes and the development, maintenance and application of data structures for the electronic exchange of invoice and credit note data as well as payment advices in the automotive industry.

    Invoice and credit note data exchange are complex processes that have to meet the requirements of diverse business processes as well as legal requirements. In terms of legal requirements, both the principles of proper computer-aided accounting and the requirements of the German Value-Added Tax Act play a central role.

    In the context of current VAT legislation, it is possible to transmit invoice data electronically, provided that the processes and technical procedures used ensure the authenticity and integrity of the invoices.

    The Working Group on Invoicing Procedures is developing best-practice recommendations for implementing these requirements in companies in the automotive industry.

    The AK is intensively involved with the integration of new developments in invoicing and crediting procedures, not only for productive materials, but also for raw materials, auxiliary materials and supplies, as well as all types of services and freight. The transfer of any additional documents required for invoice verification was also realized in AK.

    The integration of small and medium-sized enterprises is playing an increasing role, as this is the only way to tap the full potential of electronic invoicing for the benefit of both parties.

    Furthermore, topics concerning the cross-border electronic exchange of invoice data (cross-border) are of interest. Members of the AK are working intensively with colleagues from other European countries within the framework of Odette in order to publish coordinated recommendations for the use of electronic invoicing procedures in Europe and the global supply chain. 

    As a service for all users, the VDA provides a free online tool for validating EDIFACT messages INVOIC according to VDA 4938 (Part 2).

    List of recommendations

    Exchange of electronic billing documents

    VDA 4938 - Part 1: Process framework

    VDA 4938 - Part 2: Global INVOIC - EDIFACT Application Manual

    VDA 4938 - Part 3: XML - Application manual

    VDA 4938 - Part 4: Global INVOIC - EDIFACT application manual for freight invoices

    VDA 4938 - Part 5: Standardized Receipt Acknowledgement and Error Communication for Invoice Documents

    VDA 4983: Container format for EDIFACT invoices plus attachments/signature

    Exchange of payment advice information

    VDA 4988 - Data transmission of payment advice notes with EDIFACT or XML

    Contact person

    Jenny Herzfeldt

    Consultant EDI/Digitalization of the Supply Chain