Automotive Technologies & Eco-systems

    Coordination Unit for Connected & Automated Driving

    Demands and expectations of the future mobility are increasing in the face of globalization and technical innovations.

    A wide variety of economic, ecological and social challenges, such as the rapidly increasing urbanization worldwide, increasing traffic or demographic change are putting our traffic arteries to the test. Automation and networking offer opportunities to overcome these global challenges and to make mobility safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

    Driver assistance systems and automated driving will play a central role here. The connected automobile will not only offer more safety, efficiency and driver relief, but will also become more comfortable and varied thanks to innovative services: the car is experiencing a digital evolution.

    There are many aspects to consider when developing these complex functions in the vehicle. The coordination unite for networked and automated driving wants to create a framework in cooperation with representatives from industry and politics, within which a sustainable development of networked and automated vehicles is possible in a real environment.

    Coordination Unit for Networked and Automated Driving

    Henry Kuhle

    Team Lead