Become a member of the VDA

    Become a member of the VDA

    Are you a start-up and want to become a member of the VDA?

    An overview of the main requirements:

    • You are a company in Germany and
    • An industrial manufacturer of vehicles, trailers, buses, vehicle parts or
    • A supplier of products, software, online platforms or services for vehicles, trailers, buses, vehicle parts or
    • Provide other specific services for the automotive industry. 

    Seven good reasons to become a member:

    1. Benefit from the flow of information provided by the VDA.
    2. Profit from the loud voice the VDA uses to speak on behalf its members.
    3. Participate in the many diverse VDA activities.
    4. Add your issues to the work of the Association (agenda setting).
    5. Take advantage of the advice given by our expert departments.
    6. Widen your network within the automotive industry.
    7. Shape the future of mobility with us.

    How much does membership cost?

    Companies that:

    • Were founded less than three years ago,
    • Employ no more than 15 staff in their first year of operation and
    • Have less than five million euros annual turnover

    pay a reduced membership fee.

    In this case you enjoy all the privileges of membership yet pay only 200 euros during the first year, 400 euros in the second year, and 600 euros for the third year of membership.

    Start-Ups & Tech Companies

    Jens Bernhardt