Regulation and private autonomy of the data economy

    The VDA supports the data economy approach of the draft Data Act (DA), which stipulates that consumers and other third parties must be able to access and use data. It makes sense to create a level playing field and to strengthen the role of the user. In recent years, VDA member companies have already introduced systems and mechanisms that implement these fundamental objectives of the EU strategy for data – sharing available data with customers and, if the latter consent to their use, also with third parties. Within the framework of its ADAXO approach (formerly known as NEVADA), the automotive industry (manufacturers and suppliers) has long since implemented such measures and already shares data extensively with third parties at the request of customers. Therefore, the European Commission’s plan to use the DA to create a “level playing field” (FRAND conditions for data access by third parties, exclusion of gatekeepers according to the DMA definition) between all actors in the data economy is in the fundamental interest of the automotive industry, but the details of the regulation must be examined with regard to methodology and expediency.