Our publication "Tatsachen und Zahlen", 82th edition 2018 contains information of the German economy as well as facts and figures concerning global automotive industry. This brochure (digital edition available on request) is subdivided in a German and in an English part. The German part deals with statistics of the German automotive industry and the English part shows the development of the international automotive market. This publication is published since 1927 and reports on production and sales of the automotive industry in the Federal Republic of Germany in year 2017. Additionally, this edition contains time series with sufficient depth structure. The spreadsheet programme contains among other things results of the association's own surveys for productions, domestic sales and exports of motor vehicles. Those specification are supplemented with relevant statistics of the German Federal Statistical Office and the German Federal Motor Transport Authority like production, sales, import and export figures as well as registration of new vehicles, changes in ownership, cost structure and structure of existing cars in Germany. Statistical data concerning road infrastructure, motorisation of the private households and road traffic accident trends are also mentioned in this brochure. Furthermore, "Tatsachen und Zahlen" gives a brief summary of the automobile production abroad and the number of cars in major countries. The international and English part of this brochure presents specifications concerning ownership and use of motor vehicles by countries, structural data of the motor vehicle industry as well as statistics about foreign trade with motor vehicles, bodies and trailers, parts and accessoires. All prices are inclusive VAT, plus transportation costs.