In order to be used in the automotive industry, coils, circuit boards, aluminum pressed and drawn parts, coated and uncoated steel materials must be protected against corrosion after they come off the mill or after reshaping. The products used to protect such parts must have a variety of specific properties. These products must protect the metal surfaces and parts produced from them from corrosion in their delivered state (see section 2, scope of application) under relevant climatic conditions for the prescribed time. They may not cause any process disruptions when they are applied in a cold-rolling mill or during subsequent production steps by individual automotive manufacturers. The testing specifications and minimum requirements listed here are used in the development of the products indicated in the title. Continued Development These product properties should be optimized over time in response to new findings and new resulting requirements, with the goal of consistently improving product safety and ecology. This publication and other documents are now available in our new webshop. For your first order please register in the new webshop again. If you have any questions, please contact us via webshop@vda.de