VDA Position

    Fundamental considerations relating to “Euro 7/VII”

    Recent results indicate that the Euro6d-temp and EuroVId emission legislation is effective. The air quality is continually improving as the market penetration of clean Euro 6d/VId vehicles increases. According to current figures from the German Environment Agency (UBA), the number of measuring stations recording exceedances of the limit values for air quality fell by around 50% in 2019. So the existing emission legislation is already having a beneficial effect. As fleet penetration by the most advanced vehicle technology (that is in line with the latest emission standard and will be mandatory from 2020) progresses, the air quality in Europe continues to improve. The top priority in drafting Euro 7/VII is therefore no longer to achieve unified across-the-board reductions in emission levels, but to make the legislation clearer and more streamlined and to align it with new technological developments. In this context the VDA is in favor of preparing modern Euro7/VII exhaust legislation.