Auto Shanghai 2015 – company portraits for the German pavilion

The following firms are displaying their products and innovations at the German pavilion: Anvis Group; Berger Holding GmbH; Boge Rubber & Plastics Group; Bühler Motor GmbH; Carcoustics International GmbH; Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG; Dr. Schneider Kunststoffwerke GmbH; Formel D GmbH; Fraenkische Pipe-Systems Co., Ltd.; Gentherm Automotive Systems (China) Ltd.; Hirschvogel Holding GmbH; iwis motorsysteme GmbH & Co. KG; Jaeger Poway Automotive systems (shenzhen) Ltd.; Kapolnek GmbH; Kiekert AG; Kirchhoff Automotive GmbH; KSPG AG; Mapco Autotechnik GmbH; Mercedes-Benz Powertrain; MS Motorservice Deutschland GmbH;  Mubea Automotive Components Co. Ltd.; Nidec GPM GmbH; peiker acustic GmbH & Co. KG; Pierburg GmbH; PWO High-Tech Metal Components Co. Ltd.; Scherdel GmbH; Seeger-Orbis GmbH; and Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems Co. Ltd.

Here we provide some corporate portraits:

Boge Rubber & Plastics Group

The Boge Rubber & Plastics Group, a global leader in vibration control technology and plastics solutions for the automotive industry, has around 4,000 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 750 million euros. The company headquartered in Damme (Germany) has facilities at ten sites in seven countries around the world. Boge Rubber & Plastics is a division of the Chinese company Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (TMT).

Until 2007, Boge was involved in a joint venture (51 percent holding) in China, but since 2008 it has had its own company called Boge Elastmetall (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in Qingpu near Shanghai. The company has sales, development and production activities in China and employs 700 people. The product portfolio in China comprises plastic components (incl. products for noise and vibration control) for the vehicle chassis and drivetrain in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Boge sees increasing market opportunities in particular for higher-performance mounts for chassis and drivetrains, and in reducing the weights of components (lightweight materials).

By participating at the Shanghai Auto Show, Boge’s main aim is to increase its brand awareness in China. A traditional German company with Chinese owners since 2014, Boge is one of the global providers of vibration control technology and plastic solutions in the automotive industry. It has a broad, deep network in China. Furthermore, its great willingness to invest has opened up new opportunities for the rubber plastic activities of the Chinese owner Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (TMT) allowing it to expand its business worldwide. Moreover, through TMT Boge gains better access to the Chinese automotive market – the largest and fastest growing market in the world for several years now.

Bühler Motor GmbH

Bühler has been active in China since 1998 and has a distribution and development office in Shanghai. It also maintains a purchasing office in Hong Kong. Currently the company is not planning any other joint venture activities. Instead, it is focusing on expanding its own production. At present around 150 people are employed at Bühler Motor in China. The automotive product portfolio comprises drives for vacuum pumps, auxiliary water pumps and gear oil pumps, with which the company achieves in particular higher energy efficiency and reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. In addition, it has powertrains for all-wheel drive systems for safer driving and better dynamics. Its Industrial and Healthcare divisions offer products for office applications, building automation, transport and agriculture. Bühler perceives market opportunities principally for products that support China’s energy-efficient path. Bühler expects its presence at the German pavilion to enable it to deepen customer contacts and determine the requirements and needs of Chinese and Asian customers. Another aim is to achieve an even stronger position for Bühler Motor in China.

Carcoustics International GmbH

Carcoustics, headquartered in Leverkusen, develops and produces acoustic and thermal components for the automotive industry. Carcoustics has been active with production and sales in China since March 2012. No joint ventures with Chinese partners are currently being planned, but are not ruled out for the future. At present Carcoustics employs 55 people in China. Its product portfolio comprises parts and components for noise and thermal insulation, and the company sees opportunities for its entire portfolio on the Chinese market. Carcoustics hopes most of all that at the trade show its innovative products and technologies will lead to contacts with new potential customers.

Dr. Schneider Kunststoffwerke GmbH

The Dr. Schneider Group, headquartered in Kronach-Neuses, stands for high quality plastic products relating to the automobile – from innovative ventilation systems to highly integrated interior paneling and sophisticated modules for instrument panels and center consoles. The company has been active in distribution and production in China since 2012 and employs 75 people there. It is not planning any joint ventures with Chinese firms. The product portfolio focuses on kinematic components, air vents, cup holders, glove boxes, etc. and high-quality trims. The company sees good market opportunities in China for all of these products. The supplier hopes that participating at the German pavilion in Shanghai will showcase its expertise and experience and the high quality of its products for the exhibition visitors, with the aim of gaining new customers.

Formel D GmbH

Formel D has had a presence in China since 2005, when the Shanghai Formel D Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai. Since that time, the network of sites has been continually expanded by the addition of nine locations in Beijing, Changchun, Changshu, Chengdu, Chongqing, Daqing, Shenyang, Shenzhen and Wuhan. Formel D is represented right across China; it has sites in the east of the country and also in central western areas.

The Formel D Group is an independent, international service provider to the automobile and supplier industry. Worldwide its 88 sites employ more than 5,000 people, 1,000 of them in China. Quality and production services ensure that the quality of products and processes is optimized along the whole supply chain in the automotive industry. At this time the company is not planning any joint ventures with Chinese firms.

Formel D operates its own Quality Confirmation Center (QCC) as a leader in technology offering a complete solution guaranteeing improvement in quality standards and compliance with quality requirements – which ensures smooth production processes. Services associated with launch and supplier management, and special commissions, complete the range of services within production. The company also offers aftersales services. Along the entire automotive value-added chain Formel D also offers vehicle-related services including vehicle bodies and conversions, testing special vehicles and experimental vehicles in the development phase, adjustments during production and assembly work on finished production series vehicles for conversions and re-fits.

Formel D perceives market opportunities in China for product development (vehicle testing, test center), and production services with supplier training/qualification and launch management. In aftersales the focal points are warranty management, technical support, dealer management and vehicle management.

Formel D is participating in the German pavilion in view of China’s sustainable growth and importance as an automotive location. In addition, the trade show forms a very good basis for exchanging views and information with representatives of the automobile and supplier industry concerning the latest developments and trends, and disseminating information about the whole service portfolio of the Formel D Group.

Gentherm Automotive Systems (China) Ltd.

Gentherm has been a qualified developer and provider of system solutions for many years. The firm’s customers include leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in the fields of seat comfort, interior comfort, thermal technologies and electronics. The automotive future will be expressed, for example, in terms of how the automotive industry can design the vehicle interior to be even more comfortable. While thermal comfort solutions are often viewed as luxury features, Gentherm products are already boosting climate comfort in conventional vehicles. Furthermore, energy efficient thermal solutions are also well-suited to solving the challenges of providing heating and cooling to electric and hybrid vehicles, where energy distribution is critical.

Since 2003 Gentherm has been active in China, where it has local production employing 2,500 people. It has no plans for joint ventures with Chinese firms. Gentherm expects its presence at the German pavilion to strengthen its brand image and to demonstrate the usefulness of its innovative, user-friendly products both to direct customers and to end users.

Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

The Hirschvogel Automotive Group with its main plant in Denklingen is one of the largest globally active automotive suppliers in the fields of forging and machining steel and aluminum, and the processing that follows. The firm’s customers include all renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. The consolidated sales of the Group (without the joint venture) were around 872 million euros in 2014, and the number of employees exceeds 4,000.

Hirschvogel Automotive Components was founded in Pinghu (near Shanghai) in 2006. Here hot, warm and cold forged parts are produced for customers in China. The company also has its own aluminum production in China, currently mainly used to make aluminum chassis parts. Hirschvogel’s product portfolio in China also has the possibility of manufacturing components for diesel and gasoline injection systems, such as rails, injectors and pump applications, with the possibility of machining. Hirschvogel employs around 500 people in China. The company has no plans for joint ventures with Chinese companies.

Manual and automatic transmissions require high-strength, hot, warm or cold forged parts. To fulfill this requirement, the Hirschvogel Automotive Group produces all types of transmission shafts in various weight classes. Hirschvogel defines the powertrain as the system that transmits torque from the transmission output to the wheel hub. In this area, too, the company produces important parts that demand specialist production know-how, such as stub axles for constant-velocity joints, pinions and disk carriers for transfer gearboxes. Hirschvogel sees market potential in China for transmission shafts in particular. The company hopes that appearing at the German pavilion will result in more customer contacts and lead to new business opportunities.

iwis motorsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

iwis is a German manufacturer of precision chains and mechanical drive applications for the automotive industry and for engineering and drive systems. The company headquarters is in Munich. A strongly innovative supplier, iwis produces high-quality chain drive systems for camshafts, injection pumps, differential shafts, oil pumps and auxiliary units, helping to drive all kinds of engines and vehicles. The company is a system and development partner for all well-known car manufacturers.

iwis has been active in China for seven years now, focusing on production and sales. The firm currently has no plans for joint ventures with Chinese companies. iwis has around 50 employees in China, in areas including sales and project management, research and development, production, quality and administration. Its product portfolio comprises high-quality chain drive systems for camshafts, hydraulic and mechanical chain tensioners, tensioning and guide rails, sprockets and auxiliary units.

At the German pavilion iwis will present its innovative products to existing and potential customers. In addition, the Auto Shanghai should promote external contacts and discussions with representatives from the automotive industry, customers, competitors and suppliers. Attention will focus on new market trends, products and technologies that are relevant for the iwis value-added chain. At the trade show the firm also plans to pinpoint future customer wishes in more detail.

Kiekert AG

Kiekert AG, headquartered in Heiligenhaus, is a global market and technology leader in closure systems for automobiles. In 2014 the company recorded total sales of 680 million euros and had 5,100 employees. Kiekert established a location in Changshu, China, in 2008, as a development and production center. At present the company employs around 600 people in China.

Kiekert’s product portfolio ranges from side door latches to latch modules and rear compartment latches, all the way to actuation units. Kiekert’s core product, the side door latch, covers all functions including central locking, mechanical/electric child safety systems and electric release function. The firm’s portfolio also focuses on actuators with a large number of applications: from locking and unlocking of fuel caps to headrests and all the way to electric actuation of complete side doors and sliding doors.

Kiekert also has numerous products for the Chinese market in its portfolio, which are on display in Shanghai. These include the Beta latch platform that was developed and produced in China. This modular, lightweight latch platform can be expanded in line with customer preferences with a wide range of comfort functions, e.g. a modern electric opening function and modular power closing of the kind currently only available in full-size premium vehicles. Then there are also modular systems for liftgate latches and rear compartment doors, truck latch systems, and an LED latch system where Kiekert has integrated the lamp directly into the latch.

Kiekert hopes that its participation at the German pavilion will lead to sharing and exchange with existing customers, partners and potential new customers, new types of product and innovation impetus in China, and the identification of local market trends and new customer needs.

Kirchhoff Automotive GmbH

Kirchhoff Automotive has been active in China since 2006. At that time the development partner for the automotive industry followed its customers to China, where it hired a large assembly hall. By 2014 it had established three production plants in Suzhou (2007), Chongqing (2010) and Shenyang (2014). Production, sales and development are organized locally in China, with around 350 employees. No joint ventures with Chinese firms are planned. As a global player, Kirchhoff Automotive offers its customers in Europe, Asia and North America complex metal and hybrid structures for body-in-white and chassis applications, produced using the core technologies of forming, joining, lightweight construction and surface treatment. Products such as front-end frames, bumper systems, cross car beams, and side and cross members are assembled into the most varied components at plants located in the immediate vicinity of the customers.

Vehicle safety, lightweight construction and energy savings in passenger cars and commercial vehicles are becoming more and more important – also in China. Kirchhoff Automotive has exceptional experience and expertise in the development of complex hybrid structures for body-in-white and chassis applications using new materials and joining technologies. The company optimizes its processes and products to reduce the weights involved. Kirchhoff Automotive’s high level of competence in development enables it to optimize the design of a component to achieve not only a reduction in weight but also a cost saving.

Kirchhoff Automotive has the following expectations of the Auto Shanghai: first, the latest technologies and product innovations in lightweight construction should be presented to existing Chinese and international customers. Second, the company also wishes to fascinate new customers with its product portfolio. At the same time, Kirchhoff Automotive will use the Auto Shanghai to advertise the company as an attractive employer.


In 2014 KSPG’s total sales in China surged by nearly 30 percent to over 650 million euros. The KSPG Group has been represented on the Chinese market since 1997, through joint ventures and companies of its own. The company has now become the largest manufacturer of car cylinder heads in China, and has a total of nine locations in the Shanghai and Yantai regions. It has joint ventures with Huayu Automotive Systems Co. Ltd., which belongs to SAIC. These three companies currently have a workforce of around 4,400 employees in China. In this country KSPG manufactures pistons for cars and commercial vehicles, large-bore pistons, exhaust-gas recirculation valves, throttle flaps, coolant and oil pumps, plus cylinder heads, structural parts in aluminum, and engine blocks. In addition, the Group's Asia-Pacific aftermarket business is controlled from Shanghai.

At the Auto Shanghai, KSPG AG's Hardparts, Mechatronics and Aftermarket divisions are presenting their products. The German supplier is exhibiting components from its Kolbenschmidt and Pierburg brands that will play a major role in reducing emissions from future engine generations. Also on show in original equipment quality are aftermarket components such as pumps, pistons, valves, and cylinder head gaskets.

KSPG is demonstrating with its broad-based product line-up how fuel consumption and emissions can be lowered by applying products such as exhaust-gas recirculation systems, throttle flaps, valves, and pumps with variable on-demand delivery rates. The steel and lightweight pistons with friction-reducing technologies along with high-duty plain bearings on show at the Auto Shanghai are also helping to make engines kinder to the environment.

KSPG expects its participation at the German pavilion to maintain and improve customer contacts. The company also hopes to attract potential new customers. It regards China as an important and growing market, where it wishes to present the entire KSPG Group. KSPG is therefore also represented in Shanghai by all three divisions (Hardparts, Mechatronics and Aftermarket).

Mercedes-Benz Powertrain

Mercedes-Benz Powertrain offers OEMs drivetrain solutions for heavy and medium commercial vehicles and for buses. The whole portfolio of engines, transmissions and axles originates from Mercedes-Benz’ own large-scale production and is therefore subject to the strictest quality standards. The extensive portfolio gives customers the opportunity of finding the right solution satisfying the requirements of any individual problem.

Customers benefit from Mercedes-Benz’ high levels of expenditure on R&D, which pays off in the highest performance and efficiency of the products. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Powertrain has more than 15,000 employees in its individual plants around the world. In order to provide the fastest and best customer service possible, Mercedes-Benz Powertrain maintains more than 2,400 service stations for its customers in over 150 countries.

Assemblies from Mercedes-Benz are perfectly matched. Different components can be combined to create an individual drivetrain. Engines, transmissions and axles have also proven themselves thousands of times in commercial vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Combining all of this results in system expertise.

Mubea Automotive Components Co. Ltd.

Mubea Automotive Components (Taicang) Co., Ltd., established in China in 2004, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Muhr und Bender KG. Mubea is represented in China with production and sales, and employs 880 people there. It has no plans for joint ventures with Chinese partners. The firm’s product portfolio for China includes suspension coil springs, tubular shafts, valve springs, spring band clamps, transmission disc springs and belt tensioner systems.

Mubea perceives particular market potential for stabilizer bars and Tailor Rolled Blanks. The flexible rolling of Tailor Rolled Blanks is a new type of process for high volume production, in which the roll gap is continuously changed during the rolling process. Tailor Rolled Blanks are ideal not only for vehicle body structural components, but also for suspension components that encounter different loads across their length. The component’s sheet thickness can be adapted optimally to suit the load, its function is improved and its weight is significantly reduced. A lightweight construction potential of up to 10 kg can be attained per vehicle.

Mubea expects that at the German pavilion it will present its innovative technologies and products to existing and potential customers while focusing on lightweight construction and friction reduction. It also hopes to enhance relationships with its customers.

Nidec GPM GmbH

Nidec GPM GmbH is headquartered in Merbelsrod and with its three sites in other countries it belongs to AMEC division of the Japanese Nidec Corporation. The combination of NGPM pump technology with Nidec engine technology harbors huge potentials in the development of electric pumps. Nidec GPM has 1,000 employees.

The product portfolio includes conventional water pumps for the whole range of combustion engines, ranging from pumps for motorcycles to passenger car pumps and all the way to applications in trucks and large diesel engines. The firm also has innovative variable pump designs that have made their way into series production. With oil pumps, too, adjustable solutions mirror the trend in innovation: Nidec GPM designs for volume flow- and pressure-variable oil pumps integrate the systems directly into engine management. The company also offers solutions for engine cooling in hybrid and electric vehicles. Switchable and adjustable pump systems with a direct connection to the engine control unit lead to the goal of reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Nidec GPM has been active in China since 2007, and has had its own production there since 2009. It also has distribution activities. The company has almost 100 employees in China. It is not planning any joint ventures with Chinese companies. Nidec GPM offers its entire range of products on this major market, and sees potential primarily for variable oil and water pumps. It hopes that appearing at the German pavilion in Shanghai will generate contacts with current and potential customers and improve awareness of the Nidec brand on China’s large automotive market.

PWO High-Tech Metal Components Co. Ltd.

Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG (PWO) is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high-end lightweight metal components and subsystems for automobile safety and comfort. PWO produces most of these high-tech components in volumes running into millions. The portfolio is divided into three product areas. The first includes high-precision motor housings for ABS and ESP systems, windshield wipers and electric window units, as well as housings for electronic control devices and parts for electrical drives. The second product area includes safety components for airbag and steering systems and those for seat structures, seat adjustment units, and seat locking systems. The third product area includes vehicle body components, heat shields, cross members, running gear components, and accumulators for air suspension systems. PWO is the only supplier worldwide to cover the entire value chain for such an extensive product portfolio – from product and process development to tooling and series production. By pursing this approach, PWO has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading partners to the global automotive industry.

In 2008 PWO founded a subsidiary in Suzhou. It began its own production in China in April 2009. At present the firm is not planning any joint ventures with Chinese companies. PWO currently has around 290 employees in China. PWO sees considerable market opportunities in China for its whole portfolio, but especially for components for air suspension. The company hopes that participation at the German pavilion will strengthen its contacts with existing and potential customers, and enhance PWO’s presence on the market.

Scherdel GmbH

The Scherdel Group (headquartered in Marktredwitz) is a fast-growing, independent and family-owned company with 29 locations worldwide. The company offers an extensive portfolio including metal forming, assembly and joining technology, machine and tool design, and surface technology. The product range is enhanced by extensive research and development services.

Scherdel has been present In China since 1990, initially with sales activities, and since 1996 also with production at its Anqing plant. The Service Center is located in Shanghai. Scherdel is involved in joint ventures in this country and employs around 250 people in China. The portfolio focuses on metal forming and machine construction, including piston ring springs, valve springs, compression springs and spiral springs. Scherdel expects to benefit from participating in the German pavilion by forging and expanding customer contacts. The company also wishes to become better known on the Chinese market and to find out more about the market developments in this country.

Seeger-Orbis GmbH

Seeger-Orbis produces a large variety of retaining rings, snap rings, and shim and support washers, which are used by the automotive industry (manufacturers and major suppliers) in a wide range of applications for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The company sees itself as a strategic development partner for the automotive industry and meets the industry’s needs with German engineering, design and application support, testing and manufacturing for the following applications: clutches, combustion engines, electric motors, suspension systems, air conditioner compressors, axle components, transmissions, drive shafts and differentials, and steering and braking systems.

Since the early 1990s, Seeger-Orbis has been importing to China its products manufactured in Europe. In 2013 the company set up its own production facility in Tianjin. Its products are sold directly (OEMs and Tier X) and indirectly through trading partners in the areas of machine construction and energy. There are no plans for joint ventures with Chinese companies. In China the firm has around 25 employees, and roughly 350 employees around the world.

Seeger-Orbis sees especially good market opportunities on the Chinese market for snap rings, retaining rings, and support and shim washers for the automotive industry, in particular for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses. The company expects participation at the German pavilion to bring numerous customer contacts and to intensify its business. In addition, Seeger-Orbis wishes to get to know companies tackling similar issues and form networks with them. Its principal aim is to demonstrate its presence on China’s growth market.

Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems Co. Ltd.

Sonderhoff is a system supplier for polymer sealing, gluing and potting systems. Components and modules that are used in automotive manufacture must remain tightly sealed after their assembly. Humidity, dust, and temperature-influences effects can easily become a risk. Quality and safety are paramount at Sonderhoff. This holds true from the selection of raw materials, their processing through to the safety of the production plant. The polymer reaction products for gasketing, gluing and potting, as well as for foam molding, are dispensed on site and in the widest range of products.

Sonderhoff has been active in China since 2004, and with its own company since 2009. The firm’s activities include the sale of reactive two-component sealing, potting and gluing systems based on polyurethane or silicone, and one-component systems based on PVC. It also supplies dosing machines and automation concepts for gasketing, gluing and potting. These activities are supplemented by contract applications that include the complete range of services, from the production of individual prototypes and pilot or small series through to full-scale series production. The firm is not planning any joint ventures with Chinese companies. Sonderhoff employs 20 people in China. Sonderhoff sees its products (sealing, gluing and potting systems, and dosing plants) as having the greatest market opportunities in China. The company expects participation in the German pavilion to enable expansion of its network and bring new contacts with automobile manufacturers.

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