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IAA answers the challenges of modern logistics

Berlin, 31 July 2014

IAA specialist events: load securing, hazardous goods, temperature-controlled transport and more

Nowadays transport companies have to satisfy a wide range of requirements from the legislation and the dispatchers. Securing loads, transporting hazardous goods, the correct handling of temperature-controlled cargos, and deliveries in metropolitan areas with heavy traffic – the forwarders have to get to grips with these challenges. Current developments surrounding these topics will be presented at several specialist events at the coming IAA.

VDA and BGL: load securing

Above all, load securing remains a key issue in logistics. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) is once again organising a joint event with the Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL, German freight transport association) – the symposium entitled “Load securing: practical experience for practical benefit”. Secure loading not only promises smooth delivery, thus supporting quality assurance in transport companies; it is also indispensable to road safety. After a welcome from VDA President Matthias Wissmann and BGL Vice president Klaus Peter Röskes, Andreas Marquardt, President of the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG), will review more than ten years of the symposium. Various experts will then report on the latest developments, including police checks that loads are secure, the new CTU packing guidelines and the securing of flexible packaging. Additional presentations will be dedicated to aids for load securing and the European Norm on securing forces, EN 12195-1:2010. The symposium will end with demonstrations of securing IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), Big Bags and bagged goods. The event will be hosted by Birgit Bauer, editor-in-chief of the trade journal VerkehrsRundschau. It will take place on Friday, 26 September, from 10.00 to 14.00 h, in Room 2 of the Convention Center on the Hannover trade fair grounds.

Hazardous Goods Day at the IAA

Alongside load securing, the transportation of hazardous goods represents a special challenge for logistics. Together with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), the VDA is again holding a Hazardous Goods Day at the IAA, which will have the title “Current developments in the legislation on hazardous goods and improving the safety of hazardous goods”. In our age of global transport the correct handling of hazardous goods is becoming more and more important. The Hazardous Goods Day will be opened by VDA Managing Director Dr Kay Lindemann and the Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMVI, Enak Ferlemann. This will be followed by Helmut Rein, who is hosting the event, and Gudula Schwan from the BMVI, giving an insight into changes, discussions and the outlook for the law on hazardous goods at both international and national level. Experts from politics, academia, commerce and industry will also report on current developments in the legislation and on increasing the safety of hazardous goods transports. In addition to the lectures about today’s hazardous goods law and its practical application, the event will probe aspects of the transportation of lithium and lithium-ion batteries, the securing of hazardous goods according to the CTU packing guidelines, and the options for using telematics when transporting hazardous goods. Current questions concerning the classification of hazardous goods will also be featured. The programme will include a demonstration entitled “How the fire service handles hazardous goods” and a final discussion with all the speakers and participants, plus representatives of the BMVI. The Hazardous Goods Day will take place on Monday, 29 September, from 10.00 h to 17.30 h, in Room 2 of the Convention Center on the Hannover trade fair grounds.

IAA specialist event on refrigerated transports

Temperature-controlled transports are indispensable for cross-border trade in fresh products, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. For the past year, the transport of pharmaceuticals has been subject to new, stricter regulations. So far similar rules have not been introduced for fruit and vegetables. This controversy is the central topic for the symposium “Pampering the Pill! Will cucumbers get a raw deal?” which the VDA is organising at the IAA in co-operation with the trade association Transfrigoroute Deutschland. VDA Managing Director Dr Ulrich Eichhorn and the Board Chairman of Transfrigoroute, Hubertus Kobernuss, will open the event. They will be followed by Christian Specht from the European Institute for Pharma Logistics (EIPL) giving a lecture on “Organising refrigerated pharmaceutical transports safely and efficiently”. Then Pierre Scavio from Rhenus Logistics will talk about “Legal requirements for temperature-controlled foods and pharmaceutical transports” and investigate their consequences for hauliers when accidents occur. “Requirements for the food logistics of tomorrow” will then be the subject for Hendrik Reinelt from the Nagel Group. The event will finish off with a panel discussion. Gerhard Grünig from the publishers Verlag Heinrich Vogel will host the specialist event, which will take place on Tuesday, 30 September, from 10.00 h to 13.00 h, in Room 15/16 of the Convention Center on the Hannover trade fair grounds.

“Last mile challenge” symposium

In the age of swiftly growing internet business, the volume of packages sent is also increasing rapidly. So the industry is focusing more than ever before on deliveries to the door, that is, “the last mile”. The VDA, the magazine Logistik Heute and the newspaper Transport will illuminate various aspects of the topic under the title “The last mile challenge – the problem, opportunities, delivery concepts & vehicle solutions”. The participants will be welcomed by VDA Managing Director Dr Ulrich Eichhorn. Laura Siedlarek from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, and Peter G. Kaleck of Metro Logistics, will give a presentation on “Ideas, projects and challenges of urban retail”. “E-commerce boom: opportunity and challenges for the CEP sector” is the topic of the following lecture by Gunnar Uldall, President of the Bundesverband Internationaler Express- und Kurierdienste (BIEK, German federal association of international express and courier services). The key questions about the changes in the CEP industry, such as “Who are my customers?” and “What do they want?” will be examined by Horst Manner-Romberg of MRU GmbH. Then Stefan Maurer of Mercedes-Benz Vans will tackle the subject of “New commercial vehicle technologies for the last mile”. The event will end with a panel discussion including all the speakers and Mario Klepp from the trade union ver.di. Thilo Jörgl, editor-in-chief of the journal Logistik Heute, and Torsten Buchholz, editor-in-chief of Transport, will host the event, which will be held on Wednesday, 1 October, from 14.00 h to 16.00 h, in Room 13/14 of the Convention Center on the Hannover trade fair grounds.

The 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles is organised by the VDA and will run from 25 September to 2 October 2014. Under the slogan “Driving the future” it will present numerous world, European and German premieres along with a large number of specialist events and special shows. Comprehensive information about the exhibition and online registration for the specialist events are available on the new IAA website, at: Participation in the specialist events is free of charge for journalists.

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