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Home market, production and exports increased in 2014

Berlin, 05 January 2015

German passenger car market enjoys year-end spurt

In December 229,700 new passenger cars were registered in Germany. This represents growth of 7 per cent compared with the same month last year. The total market volume for 2014 came to 3.04 million units, which was a rise of 3 per cent. Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), stressed, “The result from the automotive year 2014 is somewhat better than expected, but does not constitute a reason to celebrate. Private demand for new cars could have been higher, especially in view of the relatively good overall economic conditions.”

Incoming orders from Germany rose slightly towards the end of the year. An increase of over 2 per cent in December put total growth for 2014 at 5 per cent.

Exports also improved last month. A total of 291,900 passenger cars were supplied to destinations abroad (+3 per cent), and the number of passenger cars exported throughout 2014 amounted to 4.3 million (+2 per cent).

Incoming orders from other countries climbed by 7 per cent in December 2014. In the year 2014 the total number of orders from foreign customers also rose by 7 per cent.

By the end of December 386,300 passenger cars had been built in Germany, which is a clear rise of more than 9 per cent. The result for the year as a whole was also positive: 5.62 million units rolled off German production lines in 2014 – up by more than 3 per cent.

Wissmann underlined, “The German automotive industry has thus once again proved that it is globally competitive, especially in Germany. Here at home employment actually showed another slender increase. That is mainly the result of hard work, heavy investment in research and development, and an excellent model policy. Furthermore, in 2015 Berlin and Brussels must shift the focus of their policies onto improving Europe’s industrial competitiveness.”

Neuzulassungen/Verkäufe von Personenkraftwagen

  December 2014 January - December 2014
Passenger Cars *) Volume Change
14/13 in %
Volume Change
14/13 in %
New registrations


7 3.036.800 3
  of which
    German makes incl. group makes 164.600 7 2.190.500 3
    Foreign makes 65.100 7 846.300 2
Export 291.900 3 4.299.600 2
Production 386.300 9 5.623.300 3

*) Estimate

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