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German manufacturers growing faster than the market in US

Berlin, 03 June 2015

12 percent market share in passenger car segment

In May the German manufacturers increased their sales of light vehicle (passenger cars and light trucks) on the US market by nearly 8 percent to 127,500 new vehicles. This means they grew significantly faster than the overall market, which expanded by almost 2 percent to just over 1.6 million light vehicles. But it should be remembered that May this year had one trading day less than last May. The German OEMs also recorded faster growth for the period from January to May of this year. They pushed up their light vehicle sales by nearly 6 percent to a total of 551,800 new vehicles, while the market as a whole increased by almost 5 percent to a good 7 million units.

In the first five months of 2015 the German vehicle makers bucked the trend by increasing their passenger car sales on the US market by around 6 percent to 381,500 units. The total car market contracted slightly (-1 percent) to just under 3.2 million vehicles. The German manufacturers thus expanded their share of the passenger car market to 12 percent (11.2 percent in the same period last year). The difference was even greater in the month just finished: the German brands grew by a good 8 percent to 87,000 new passenger cars, while the total car market shrank by almost 4 percent, down to 745,500 units.

In the light truck segment, which grew by nearly 7 percent to 881,800 units in May, the German manufacturers also pushed up their sales by about 7 percent to reach 40,500 vehicles. Since the beginning of this year (January to May 2015), the overall market volume has risen by nearly 10 per cent to a little over 3.8 million light trucks, and the German manufacturers have recorded an increase of around 6 percent to 170,300 new vehicles.

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