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Western Europe, USA and China slightly up

Berlin, 16 June 2015

Car markets – Double-digit growth in Southern Europe

New car registrations in Western Europe increased slightly in May 2015 (+1 per cent), despite the smaller number of working days. Growth was particularly lively in Italy, Portugal and Spain. In the USA, the market volume grew by almost 2 per cent, in China by a good 3 per cent. By contrast, there were sharp declines in Brazil
(-26 per cent) and Russia (-38 per cent).

The car market in Western Europe grew by around 1.1 million units in May. However, May 2015 had on average two working days less than in the same month last year. The top five markets displayed differing pictures. In Spain (+14 per cent) and Italy (+11 per cent), the demand for cars showed double-digit growth. In the United Kingdom, sales increased by a good 2 per cent. In Germany (-7 per cent) and France (-3 per cent), on the other hand, the markets declined. The recovery process continued on the smaller car markets, for instance in Portugal (+33 per cent) or Ireland (+10 per cent). In the first five months of the year the West European market grew by altogether almost 7 per cent to 5.6 million units.

In the new EU Member States the new car registrations grew by 9 per cent in May to 81,200 new cars. In the Czech Republic (+18 per cent), Slovenia (+14 per cent), Poland (+11 per cent), Bulgaria (+11 per cent) and Lithuania (+10 per cent), growth reached double digit figures. Since the year started, 401,600 new cars have been registered in the new EU Member States (+6 per cent).

In the USA, the market for light vehicles (automobiles and light trucks) grew by almost 2 per cent in May to over 1.6 million new vehicles. In the past month, the car market shrank by almost 4 per cent to 745,500 units, while the light-truck segment grew by nearly 7 per cent to 881,800 new vehicles. From January to May the volume of the overall light vehicle market in the United States increased by just under 5 per cent to a good 7 million units.

In China, the rate of growth in the car market has slowed down. With over 1.5 million units, new car sales in May increased by a good 3 per cent. In the course of the year to date, new vehicle sales expanded by almost 9 per cent to a good 8 million units.

No trend reversal could be observed on the Japanese car market in May either. Demand for cars shrank by a good 8 per cent to 279,400 units. The tax increase on mini vehicles (up to 660 ccm) applicable since April continued to slow the market down. In the first five months of the year, the volume of new car registrations sank by around 14 per cent to just under 1.9 million units.

The Indian car market, on the other hand, continued along its recovery course. New vehicle sales increased in the past month by around 5 per cent to 217,700 units. The improved consumer mood and a lower interest level contributed to this. Sales figures have increased since January to a good 1.1 million new vehicles, a rise of almost 7 per cent.

The Russian light vehicle market continued its downward trend in May. With 125,800 new vehicles, sales were almost 38 per cent below last year’s level. In the first five months of the year the drop was also around 38 per cent (641,900 new vehicles). The sales-promoting measures adopted by the Russian Government have thus hardly had any stabilising effect.

In Brazil a good quarter (-26 per cent) fewer light vehicles were registered in May than in the same month last year. As a result of the recession in the Brazilian economy, new light vehicle registrations have declined by 20 per cent since the beginning of the year and reached a volume of around 1.1 million units.

New Passenger Car Registrations/Sales

  May 2015 January - May 2015
  Units Change 15/14 in % Units Change 15/14 in %
Europe (EU28+EFTA)* 1.152.000 1,4 6.000.400 6,7
  European Union (EU-28)* 1.109.000 1,3 5.805.400 6,8
  W. Europe (EU15+EFTA) 1.070.800 0,9 5.598.800 6,8
  New EU Countries (EU13)* 81.200 9,0 401.600 6,2
Russia** 125.800 -37,6 641.900 -37,7
USA** 1.627.300 1,6 7.014.300 4,5
Japan 279.400 -8,2 1.886.800 -13,7
Brazil** 205.200 -26,3 1.067.100 -20,0
India 217.700 4,7 1.141.800 6,5
China 1.506.800 3,3 8.046.000 8,6

* without Malta
** Light Vehicles

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