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Strong growth in October exports and production

Berlin, 03 November 2015

Slight rise in new registrations of passenger cars

Last month 278,400 passenger cars were newly registered in Germany, which is the highest October result this decade. However, the strong showing in October 2014 leaves the year-on-year rise at only 1 percent. Since the beginning of this year, new registrations have climbed by 5 percent to nearly 2.7 million units. Diesel vehicles showed somewhat stronger growth of almost 6 percent (1.3 million passenger cars). So far this year the proportion of diesels among new car registrations comes to nearly 48 percent.

October’s incoming domestic orders were almost 4 percent up on last year, and the cumulative total since the beginning of 2015 has risen by 6 percent. Orders from abroad increased by 2 percent up to the end of October.

Exports from German plants showed double-digit expansion in October, reaching a good 397,400 passenger cars – a rise of 11 percent compared with the same month last year. Since January this year exports have climbed by just over 3 percent to exceed 3.7 million units.

The companies also strongly expanded their production in Germany last month – it grew by 9 percent to a little over 522,600 new cars. Since January nearly 4.9 million units have been built at home (+3 percent).

  October 2015 January - October 2015
Passenger cars *) Volume Change
15/14 in %
Volume Change
15/14 in %
New registrations 278,400 1 2,686,300 5
  of which
    German makes incl. group makes 202,400 2 1,936,400 5
    Foreign makes 76,000 -1 750,000 5
Export 397,400 11 3,738,000 3
Production 522,600 9 4,852,400 3
*) Estimate
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