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Domestic passenger car market grew to over 3.2 million in 2015

Berlin, 06 January 2016

Strong final spurt in December – production and exports rather subdued

The automotive year 2015 ended with a strong final spurt that took the volume to over 3.2 million new passenger car registrations for the first time in six years. “That is a rise of 6 percent over the previous year and demonstrates the current dynamism of the German passenger car market. Incoming orders from Germany also give us reason to be confident. Last year they rose by 7 percent, and climbed 15 percent in December alone,” stressed Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). In December 247,300 passenger cars were newly registered in Germany, which represents year-on-year growth of 8 percent. One contributing factor was the additional working day in 2015.

Exports and production also increased over 2015 as a whole, although demand from abroad is currently sinking slightly. Passenger car exports showed a total rise of 3 percent during 2015, rising to 4.4 million new cars. In December 283,900 units were exported (-4 percent).

Last year a good 5.7 million passenger cars were produced in Germany – a rise of more than 2 percent. Domestic production fell slightly in December to 361,700 units (-1 percent).

“In view of the production and export figures, the good domestic situation should not be overestimated. The competition on the international markets is getting tougher and volatility is increasing. We are adapting to that,” Wissmann underscored.

  December 2015 January - December 2015
Passenger cars *) Volume Change
15/14 in %
Volume Change
15/14 in %
New registrations 247,300 8 3,206,000 6
  of which
    German makes incl. group makes 174,100 6 2,306,400 5
    Foreign makes 73,200 13 899,600 6
Export 283,900 -4 4,411,400 3
Production 361,700 -1 5,739,900 2
*) Estimate
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