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A bus toll would put the brakes on the new long-distance bus market

Berlin, 14 April 2016

VDA President Matthias Wissmann responded as follows to calls that the truck toll be extended to include buses:

“There is no objective reason to extend the truck toll to buses. According to the most recent infrastructure cost report from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), omnibuses from Germany cover their infrastructure costs on freeways more than three times over. Higher costs for omnibus traffic would also be counterproductive for climate policy. A comparison of modes of transport by the Federal Environment Agency revealed buses to be the most environmentally friendly. For example, the CO2 output from coaches is only just over 32 grams per passenger kilometer, compared with 41 grams for long-distance rail traffic. A bus toll would put political brakes on the emerging long-distance bus market. That would affect people with low incomes most of all, because for them in particular long-distance buses represent a unique opportunity of affordable mobility. Long-distance buses are the most socially beneficial mode of transport in Germany.”

Eckehart Rotter
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