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Wissmann: Important kick-start for electric mobility

Berlin, 18 May 2016

VDA President welcomes Cabinet decision to promote electric mobility

Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), welcomed today’s decision by the German Cabinet on promoting electric mobility: “The Federal Government has taken a strategically important decision for Germany as a location for innovation. This boost to kick-start the market will be important as long as high battery costs make electric cars more expensive than conventional cars. This is a starting impulse limited to a few years. The total package now launched by the German Cabinet, consisting of direct subsidy, investment in the charging infrastructure and the public procurement initiative, provides a basis for electric mobility to establish itself in Germany and for our country to become the leading market for electric mobility. Furthermore, German manufacturers are contributing 50 percent of the direct subsidy. A look at the international markets reveals that wherever the state provides purchasing incentives, electric mobility expands faster.”

Electric mobility was a key technology for an integrated strategy on climate, mobility and raw materials, Wissmann said, because e-cars released virtually no CO2 – especially if they run on renewable electricity. He added that the German automotive industry was not only backing electric cars, but for several years had also been pursuing a broad-based strategy: “Parallel to the development of e-mobility we are optimizing gasoline and diesel vehicles, and continuing our research into hydrogen and fuel cell technology.”

Over recent years the German automotive industry has invested 14 billion euros in electric mobility and has 30 series-production models on the market, making it one of the world’s leading providers. In countries like the US, Norway and the Netherlands, for example, the German manufacturers take 20 to 50 percent of the market for electric vehicles. Wissmann stressed, “This shows we are offering what the customers want. In the coming years OEMs and suppliers will invest billions in driving forward their global electric mobility offensive.”

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