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IAA showcases current developments surrounding safety in freight transport

Berlin, 04 August 2016

IAA specialist events: load securing, Hazardous Goods Day and temperature-controlled transport

Every day around 10 million tonnes of goods are transported by road in Germany alone: on time, from door to door in a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Here it is essential that the carriers overcome the challenges posed by load securing, hazardous goods and refrigerated transport in delivery traffic – especially in busy areas. The latest developments surrounding these topics will be presented and discussed at several specialist events at the IAA.


VDA and BGL discuss load securing

One of the most important tasks in logistics is to ensure that loads are properly secured. Since 2004 the BGL (German freight transport association) and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) have been organizing a joint event entitled “Load securing: practical experience for practical benefit.” It will once again emphasize the huge importance attached to load securing both by carriers and by manufacturers of vehicles, trailers and bodies. Load securing is indispensable for general road safety and is an aspect of quality assurance along the entire transport chain. After a welcome from VDA President Matthias Wissmann and BGL President Adalbert Wandt, various experts will report on the latest developments. They will cover such topics as loading recommendations and their legal impact, securing paper bales, and aids for securing loads. This will be followed by a demonstration of securing bales of used paper on sliding floor trailers right on the trade show grounds. The event will take place on Monday, September 26, from 10.00 to 14.00 h in Room 2 of the Convention Center on the Hannover Exhibition Grounds.


Hazardous Goods Day at the IAA

Transporting hazardous goods is another logistical challenge. Together with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) the VDA is again holding the Hazardous Goods Day and an accompanying exhibition of vehicles. At the event entitled “Current developments in the legislation on hazardous goods and improving the safety of hazardous goods vehicles,” innovations for handling hazardous goods will be presented and discussed by experts from politics, academia, commerce and industry. The symposium will be opened by VDA Managing Director Dr. Kay Lindemann and Dr. Gerhard Schulz, head of the BMVI’s policy issues department. There will then be presentations by experts on the current law governing hazardous goods and its practical application. There will also be lectures dedicated to aspects of transporting lithium and lithium-ion batteries, securing hazardous goods in accordance with the CTU packing guidelines, and the use of telematics in transporting hazardous goods. In addition the symposium will address current questions about the application of standards. It will end with a final discussion among all the speakers and participants. The Hazardous Goods Day will be hosted by Helmut Rein (BMVI) and will take place on Tuesday, September 27, from 9.30 to 17.30 h, in Room 2 of the Convention Center on the Hannover Exhibition Grounds.


IAA symposium “Quality in temperature-controlled transport”

In the transportation of foods, pharmaceuticals and chemical products, it is important to maintain the best possible temperature. Quality can be ensured in temperature-controlled transport only by complying with a large number of legal and dispatcher-specific requirements, and these will form a central topic at the symposium “Quality in temperature-controlled transport: aims and reality in temperature control,” which the VDA is holding in cooperation with Transfrigoroute Deutschland (TD). After a welcome by the Board Chairman of Transfrigoroute, Hubertus Kobernuss, and the VDA, experts will report on accident damage in temperature-controlled transport and its consequences for carriers and dispatchers. This will be followed by a lecture about the special requirements for multi-temperature transports and insights into transport logistics at the ice-cream producer Schöller. The event will also focus on the direction of future developments in temperature-controlled transport logistics, and finish off with a panel discussion. The host will be Gerhard Grünig, engineer and editor-in-chief of the VerkehrsRundschau. The symposium will take place on Tuesday, September 27, from 10.00 to 13.30 h in Room 15/16 of the Convention Center on the Hannover Exhibition Grounds.

The 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles is organized by the VDA and will open its doors in Hannover from September 22 to 29. Its slogan is “Driven by ideas” and alongside numerous world premieres it will present a large number of specialist events and special shows. All the information about the exhibition and registration for the specialist events is available on the IAA website: Up-to-date news reports and images from the trade show can also be found on the official IAA Facebook page, Twitter (@IAAMesse) and Instagram (iaamesse). Journalists may attend the specialist events free of charge.

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