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German commercial vehicle market increases in August

Berlin, 08 September 2016

Sales of vans brought forward – growth in all segments

New registrations of commercial vehicles in Germany showed strong double-digit growth in August. At 30,600 vehicles sold, the figure was 43 percent up on the same month last year. It was also the best sales result ever recorded in the month of August. The main reasons for this growth include – alongside the healthy state of the economy – the sales brought forward in anticipation of the new Euro 6 exhaust standard that applies to light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes) from September 2016. This year so far (January to August) the market has totaled 236,100 units sold, i.e. has gained 12 percent compared to the same period last year.

Growth was observed in all commercial vehicle segments in August. For example, vans (up to 6 tonnes), the largest segment, increased by more than half (+53 percent) and reached 23,600 units. Sales of heavy commercial vehicles (over 6 tonnes) climbed by 17 percent to 6,500 vehicles. Furthermore, new registrations of buses came to nearly 500 units (+7 percent).

Since the beginning of this year, all sectors of the German commercial vehicle market have developed very positively. The market for light commercial vehicles added 14 percent to 173,700, while new registrations of heavy-duty trucks exceeded last year’s level by 7 percent, totaling 58,300 units. The highest year-to-date growth rate was seen among buses, which rose by 15 percent to 4,100 vehicles.

New registrations of trailers also showed double-digit expansion in August. A total of 25,000 trailers were registered (+18 percent). So far this year (January to August), their sales have increased by 6 percent to 211,700 trailers. This includes 24,000 semitrailers (+11 percent).

Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), stressed: “The German commercial vehicle business has proven to be very dynamic during this year – and especially so in August. That represents very good conditions for the IAA Commercial Vehicles that will open its doors in Hannover on September 22. He added that during the coming months, demand on the van market could be expected to remain strong. Domestic incoming orders for light commercial vehicles rose by 12 percent in August, and this year they have increased by 14 percent.

  August 2016 January - August 2016
Commercial vehicles *) Volume Change
16/15 in%
Volume Change
16/15 in %
New registrations 30,623 43 236,100 12
     CV up to 6 t 23,621 53 173,720 14
          CV up to 2 t 1,435 17 11,730 9
          CV over 2 to 3,5 t 21,631 57 157,790 14
          CV over 3,5 to 6 t 555 26 4,210 7
     CV over 6 t 6,535 17 58,280 7
          CV over 6 to 16 t 1,937 25 14,050 5
          CV over 16 t 4,598 14 44,240 8
     Buses 467 7 4,090 15
     Trailers 24,975 18 211,710 6

*) Estimate

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