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Guided Tours provide a compact, tailored experience of the IAA megatrends

Berlin, 09 September 2016

66th IAA Commercial Vehicles – New Mobility World logistics

In just two hours you can meet important decision-makers in the megatrends at the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover (September 22 to 29, 2016) and obtain extensive information – during our first ever Guided Tours, offered as part of the “New Mobility World logistics.” The tours will be available in German and English and will take up the central topics of the IAA such as connectivity, digitization, automation, alternative powertrains and urban logistics. The walking tours are particularly aimed at specialists from Germany and abroad, business delegations and IAA visitors with a particular interest. They offer the participants a unique, tailored opportunity to obtain a compact overview of their specialty or interest, and to make contacts with experts from the relevant exhibitors.

Visitors to the IAA Commercial Vehicles can choose from four themed walking tours: Tour 1: Connected Vehicle, Tour 2: Assisted and Automated Driving, Tour 3: Alternative Powertrain, and Tour 4: Urban Logistics and Transport Services. The two-hour Guided Tours will take place twice a day on Friday, September 23, 2016, and from September 26 to 29, 2016 (Monday to Thursday). Tours in German will start at 10.00 h and tours in English at 14.00 h, with a maximum of 25 participants. Specially trained guides will take them to up to seven exhibitors.

The tours in detail:

Tour 1 (Connected Vehicle)

The “Connected Vehicle” tour will concentrate on the megatrend digitization. In the future nothing is going to work without digitization. Drivers, vehicles, loads and the road infrastructure are all part of a broad network of digital information that is exchanged in real time. Direct communication – possible via infotainment systems – enables faster reactions to traffic obstructions, for instance. Fleet management is also integrated into the information network, so plans can be changed at an early stage if necessary.

Tour 2 (Automated Driving)

Digitization will also feature on the walking tour devoted to “Assisted and Automated Driving.” Digitization provides impetus for new forms of organization. For example, automated driving such as platooning – that is, driving in connected truck convoys – or driving in congestion, will become completely normal within the foreseeable future. Many helpful driver assistance systems are set to become standard in the everyday work of truck drivers. Stationary traffic will also benefit from the new developments because parking, loading and unloading will be of course be automated in the future.

Tour 3 (Alternative Powertrain)

At the lead trade fair there will be no getting around the topic of the “Alternative Powertrain.” Tour 3 can provide answers to the following questions: how will trucks and buses operate in the future? And what about vans? When can we expect the deployment of electric drive, natural gas or hydrogen/fuel cells? What potential is still available in diesel engines for making mobility more efficient and environmentally compatible? In addition, this tour will provide insights into innovative solutions for the tank and charging infrastructure.

Tour 4 (Urban Logistics & Transport Services)

Tour 4 focuses on challenges and solutions for the topics of “Urban logistics and Transport Services.” For example, how can the volume of traffic be optimized, and how can functional mobility be guaranteed in the growing metropolitan areas around the world? Proposals for solutions in freight and passenger transport, intermodal and combined transport, the last mile, logistics hubs, long-distance buses/urban buses and seamless transport will be showcased, along with new services such as apps and freight exchanges.

Participants can register for the themed tours ahead of the IAA Commercial Vehicles at A fee of 15 euros/participant will be charged and a deposit of 50 euros will be required for a headset. The guided tours will start at the Information Center (IC) in the middle of the exhibition grounds.

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