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VDA President and BDI Vice President Matthias Wissmann responds to the signing of CETA

Berlin, 30 October 2016

“By signing CETA, the EU has shown that it is functional and a reliable negotiating partner.

“The free trade agreement is a milestone for Europe’s economy. CETA is one of the most progressive of all trade agreements worldwide. It opens up huge opportunities on the Canadian market to companies from Europe, and protects consumer, environmental and labor standards as well as regulatory flexibility in the EU and its Member States. This makes CETA a model for other agreements.

“Now it is important to complete the negotiations on TTIP also. CETA can only unfold its full potential alongside TTIP. Here, too, we wish to see a good and prompt conclusion to the negotiations. Transatlantic trade and the political partnership are simply too important for this project to be allowed to fail. The negotiations on TTIP must not drag on as they did for CETA.”

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