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VDA on regular operation of long trucks

Berlin, 19 November 2016

Statement from Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), on regular operation of long trucks:

Regular operation of long trucks as planned will allow these vehicles to exercise their full ecological advantage. The Federal Minister of Transport is sending out an important signal backing innovation and efficiency in road freight traffic, because two long trucks replace three conventional truck journeys. The field trial’s scientific work has removed the grounds for concerns about long trucks, because the studies show clearly that long trucks are safe, relieve the burdens on the roads and the environment, and reduce consumption and CO2 emissions. They save up to 25 percent CO2 for every ton of goods transported. This means they can make an important contribution to climate protection in the transport sector, Wissmann explained. Furthermore, long trucks are excellent for use in combined transport. So far there is no sign of freight shifting from rail to the roads due to long trucks.

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