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Enhance sustainability in the supply chain

Berlin, 01 December 2016

VDA issues recommendation for guiding principles in the automotive industry

The German automotive industry has a global presence including production facilities in many countries. It builds around 15 million passenger cars every year, plus a large number of commercial vehicles.

The VDA and its member companies are convinced that responsibility for human beings and the environment does not end at the factory gate, and instead should be anchored throughout the automotive supply chain and should be a yardstick against which entrepreneurial activity is measured. The manufacturers and suppliers in the VDA work together to discharge this responsibility in an appropriate manner. In this process equal weight is given to ethical, social and ecological aspects.

Manufacturers and suppliers in the VDA have drawn up a common, non-binding “Recommendation for guiding principles in the automotive industry for improving sustainability in the supply chain.” These guiding principles should form the basis for the corporate social responsibility of every player. They cover the areas of corporate ethics, environmental standards, working conditions and human rights, wages, social benefits and occupational health and safety.

Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), stressed, “This recommendation is the latest example resulting from the cooperation between the manufacturer groups in the VDA, showing that despite the tough competition in our industry, manufacturers and suppliers cooperate under the VDA umbrella to create added value and optimize the value chain.”

As part of this process, the VDA also recommends applying a standardized questionnaire for evaluating sustainability in the supply chain. A working group of European vehicle manufacturers has been working under the umbrella of “The European Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility” to compile a questionnaire for evaluating sustainability in the supply chain. The VDA recommends this questionnaire to its members. Mutual recognition of the questionnaire by firms in the supply chain will ensure that the sustainability of each company can be assessed in a lean and efficient process that avoids extra administrative work.

The guiding principles are published on the VDA’s website:

The questionnaire can be accessed online, at:

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