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VDA welcomes draft law on automated driving

Berlin, 25 January 2017

The German Government has presented a draft law amending the German Road Traffic Act (Straßenverkehrsgesetz) to introduce legal regulations for automated driving. Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), stressed: “The German automotive industry welcomes the Government draft on automated driving. We expect that automated driving will make road traffic safer, more efficient and more convenient.”

For several years now, the German vehicle OEMs and suppliers have been investing considerable sums in the research and development of systems for automated driving, which are expected to appear on the roads in the coming years. The German automotive industry supports the Government’s strategy of making Germany the leading market for connected and automated driving. Wissmann explained that the regulations governing automated driving laid down in the Road Traffic Act were necessary for the customers to obtain reliable information about their legal obligations of due diligence and for the industry to have legal security for its planning processes.

The draft bill envisages that automated systems deployed by customers will be permissible if they are used by the driver as they were intended. In the case of automated driving also the driver has to comply with certain due diligence obligations that are based on the required interaction between the human being and the machine.

So, the systems planned for automated driving in the next few years will demand that drivers remain ready to take over and that they observe the requirements for the proper use of the automated system. The draft law proposes that when an automated system is in use, a data storage device in the vehicle will record the way the system functions. The draft bill will also create a basis for authorization for regulations governing driverless parking.

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