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German passenger car market contracts slightly in February

Berlin, 02 March 2017

Best sales figures for January and February since 2000 – German manufacturers start year well on US market

In February 243,600 passenger cars were newly registered in Germany (-3 percent). However, last month had one working day less than February 2016. So far this year, the domestic market for passenger cars has grown by nearly 4 percent to around 485,000 new vehicles. This resulted in the highest sales ever recorded for the first two months since 2000. Domestic orders decreased by 7 percent in February and this, too, was affected by the lower number of working days.

February’s passenger car exports reached a volume of 380,700 units (-5 percent). Production in Germany decreased accordingly to 492,100 vehicles (-7 percent). Year-to-date exports and production have both risen. Orders arriving from abroad showed a fall of 5 percent in February.

On the US light vehicle market the German brands far outperformed the overall market last month. While the total market lost 1 percent, down to a good 1.3 million light vehicles, the German manufacturers increased their sales of new vehicles by 7 percent to over 94,600 units. The German OEMs did better than the market as a whole in both passenger cars and light trucks. A similar development can be seen for the year so far (January to February): the German producers pushed up their light vehicle sales by 7 percent, whereas the combined market shed just over 1 percent.

  February 2017 January - February 2017
Passenger cars *) Volume Change
17/16 in %
Volume Change
17/16 in %
New registrations 243,600 -3 485,000 4
  of which
    German makes incl. group makes 168,800 -7 343,300 1
    Foreign makes 74,800 8 141,700 10
Export 380,700 -5 729,200 2
Production 492,100 -7 951,400 1
*) Estimate
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