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Nitrogen oxide emissions from Euro 6 vehicles

Berlin, 25 April 2017

VDA’s statement on UBA measuring results, introduction of RDE and WLTP and reforming type approval

Nothing new under the bottom line: it is well known that emissions on the roads are higher than in the laboratory. The VDA’s statement that Euro 6 vehicles exhibit much better NOx values than Euro 5 diesels has been confirmed. However, emissions on the roads vary from model to model, depending on driving style and on the traffic and weather conditions. And it is also known that real values are affected by the exhaust technology used. So the average value is not very informative.

The coming EU-wide RDE measurements are another step on the way to bringing emissions closer to laboratory values. But also RDE takes account of measuring tolerances. At the time when Euro 5 vehicles were developed and first registered several years ago, reliable measuring methods were not available. The situation is different today.

The steps defined and introduced in the legislation are the right ones for reducing the difference between real and laboratory values. SCR technology creates the right conditions so that in just a few years there will hardly be any NOx exceedances of limit values any more at the air monitoring stations with heavy traffic. The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) should stop casting general suspicion on all modern diesels. They are actually needed for reaching the climate protection targets, because they consume up to 25 percent less fuel than gasoline vehicles and their CO2 output is 15 percent lower. That makes diesel vehicles indispensable in achieving the European climate protection targets.

We welcome the introduction of RDE and WLTP, and are also open to reforming type approval. But one should not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The German Government virtually has an obligation to prevent excessive bureaucracy and European centralism. Many other governments of EU Member States are also working against European centralism on this point.

Eckehart Rotter
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