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German passenger car market increases in April

Berlin, 03 May 2018

Two additional working days – Strong rise in exports and production

In April 314,100 passenger cars were newly registered in Germany. That represents a rise of 8 percent compared with the same month last year. However, the month had two working days more than April 2017. The more informative comparison of March and April taken together reveals an improvement of 2 percent on last year’s figure. Since January this year a total of 1.2 million new passenger cars have been registered, which equates to growth of 5 percent and is the largest market volume in the first four months of any year since 2009. The proportion of diesels among the new registrations from January to April was 32.6 percent (42.3 percent in 2017).

Domestic incoming orders also show positive development. April orders from Germany were a good 4 percent up on last year. Year-to-date growth comes to around 1 percent. Orders arriving from abroad in April recorded a rise of nearly 5 percent. Since the beginning of this year a good 4 percent more orders have arrived from foreign customers.

Exports expanded strongly in April – also benefiting from the calendar – rising by 11 percent. In all, 381,000 vehicles were exported. From January to April, 1.5 million brand new passenger cars were delivered to foreign customers (-3 percent).

Passenger car production echoed the trend in exports and also returned good results. Last month 487,600 passenger cars rolled off the production lines in German plants, which was an increase of 8 percent. In the first four months of the year 1.9 million passenger cars were built (-3 percent).


  April 2018 January - April 2018
Passenger cars *) Volume Change
18/17 in %
Volume Change
18/17 in %
New registrations 314,100 8 1,192,700 5
  of which
    German makes incl. group makes 223,100 10 828,000 5
    Foreign makes 91,000 3 364,700 6
Export 381,000 11 1,467,200 -3
Production 487,600 8 1,915,600 -3
*) Estimate
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