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VDA on free trade agreement between EU and Japan

Berlin, 06 July 2017

Today EU and Japan have agreed the outline of a free trade agreement; Matthias Wissmann, President German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), commented as follows:

“The agreement between the EU and Japan is a good and important signal for free trade and against isolationism. The goal must be a fair and balanced agreement benefiting both parties equally. That applies in particular to the automotive sector and so the EU’s special attention is required in order to avoid weakening the competitive position of the European automotive companies. In the future, if the EU waives import duty on Japanese vehicles, the European companies must have unhindered access to the Japanese market and enjoy better sales opportunities in return. Progress has already been made in this area. However, we still have concerns about non-tariff trade barriers such as tax advantages for certain domestic models, and special technical requirements. Binding pledges are needed from Japan on how these hurdles can be eliminated and in what timeframe. Furthermore, when it comes to the key issue of rules of origin, the agreement should be aligned with the EU’s existing free trade agreements.”

Eckehart Rotter
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