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Wissmann: Synthetic fuels present opportunity for German innovation

Berlin, 08 July 2017

The plans for establishing the large-scale production of synthetic fuels in Norway should act as a pointer for Germany. The fuel dubbed “miracle diesel” has also been a subject of research and development for quite a while in Germany, where there are already two factories. These activities should be expanded because they present opportunities for Germany as a location for innovation.

The petroleum-independent “e-fuels” could also be another option for future climate-neutral mobility, in addition to alternative powertrains. If developments in this field continue and the costs of manufacture fall, in the future synthetic fuels could secure CO2-neutral mobility using the combustion engine, because these fuels bind just as much CO2 during their production as they release upon combustion.

And what is more, because e-fuels are compatible with the existing infrastructure and engines, they exert an effect immediately in vehicles already on the roads and thus much faster than fleet replacement with electric vehicles. This makes it clear that all potentials offered by powertrains and by fuels have to be taken into consideration when it comes to decarbonizing the transport sector.

Eckehart Rotter
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