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VDA rebuts accusations from Environment Minister Hendricks

Berlin, 27 July 2017

“Federal Environment Minister Hendricks should study the ifo study before casting doubt on the employment figures it contains,” the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) stressed on Thursday. “In fact they do not represent a ‘classical threat,’ but are scientifically verifiable facts and figures.”

The recently published ifo study, which was conducted on behalf of the VDA, concludes that banning internal combustion engines from 2030 onward could have severe impacts on employment and value creation within Germany. It would affect more than 600,000 of today’s industrial jobs either directly or indirectly. That is 10 percent of the total workforce in German industry. In the automotive sector alone 426,000 jobs would be put at risk, and at smaller and medium-sized enterprises up to 130,000 jobs could be affected.

Eckehart Rotter
Eckehart Rotter Head of Department Press

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