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Wissmann: German passenger car market set to grow 4 percent in 2017

Berlin, 04 October 2017

VDA raises forecast for the year – trade-in bonuses take effect

The German passenger car market has grown by 2 percent this year to exceed 2.6 million units. Year-to-date orders from Germany have added 1 percent. In September alone, the number of incoming domestic orders rose by 4 percent, despite the month having one working day less this year than in 2016. A total of 288,100 passenger cars were newly registered in September
(-3 percent).

Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), commented, “The German market is developing more dynamically than we expected. The economy in general and the employment situation are doing well and the mood among consumers is good. We have therefore increased our sales forecast for 2017. In the light of the available data we now expect a rise of 4 percent to around 3.5 million new cars. The growing demand is due in part to the trade-in bonuses for older diesel vehicles. The latest figures for incoming orders show that customers are taking up these attractive offers.”

Passenger car exports from Germany came to 410,100 units in September, which was a slender increase (+1 percent). Since January this year the German OEMs have supplied around 3.3 million passenger cars (-1 percent) from Germany to customers around the globe.

The German car manufacturers produced 522,800 new vehicles in September (-1 percent). In the first nine months of this year 4.3 million passenger cars were built, which is 2 percent down on the same period last year.

  September 2017 January - September 2017
Passenger cars *) Volume Change
17/16 in %
Volume Change
17/16 in %
New registrations 288,100 -3 2,611,900 2
  of which
    German makes incl. group makes 202,400 -4 1,808,500 -1
    Foreign makes 85,700 -2 803,300 9
Export 410,100 1 3,305,200 -1
Production 522,780 -1 4,273,000 -2
*) Estimate
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