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Classic car prices rising slowly

Berlin, 12 March 2018

VDA’s German Classic Car Index increased by 1.4 percent in 2017 – value growth is less than inflation rate

The rise in classic car prices in Germany slowed down markedly again in 2017. The German Classic Car Index added only 1.4 percent and reached a value of 2,552 points, only slightly up on 2,516 one year ago. The rise was therefore below the rate of inflation (1.8 percent). The index is sending a clear signal that the prices of classic automobiles have now calmed down after the vigorous increases seen in recent years.

Growth in the values of individual models was especially keen for two BMW cars from the 1970s. The BMW 320 with its 6-cylinder engine recorded the strongest value growth last year. E21 was the designation of the first generation of the 3-Series that is still successful for BMW even today. Second place went to the BMW 635 CSi, which has been enjoying increasing popularity for several years now. Another very noteworthy feature is the appearance of the Triumph TR6 and the MGB Mark III among the top ten, which now includes two English cars again for the first time in several years.

A Volkswagen model leads the rankings in the long-term comparison. VW’s popular Type 2 Bus has recorded by far the greatest value growth over the last ten years. However, classic cars from Munich are also becoming increasingly popular. The VW bus is followed by four BMW models in second, fourth, seventh and ninth places, although some of the large price increases are a result of the low starting level in 2008.

The German Classic Car Index was launched to analyze developments in the prices of classic cars in Germany. The index reflects the values of 88 common vehicles that are representative of the German classic car market. The prices provided by the specialist valuers classic-analytics in Bochum for the calculations are based on the evaluation of current market prices in the car trade and prices at auction. The individual models are weighted according to their numbers registered for use on the roads. Vehicles fetching especially high prices due to their rarity value or their history are not included in the calculation.

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