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Signal for free competition

Berlin, 17 April 2018

China wishes to facilitate investments by foreign auto makers

VDA President Bernhard Mattes:

“China’s announcement is an important step toward accessible markets and is a clear signal in support of free competition. China itself has a major interest in international success, and therefore the equal treatment of national and international companies is a crucial requirement. The country should continue on this path of opening up its own market. China is an important partner for Germany in trade, investments and cooperation. The German automotive industry has a good position on the world’s largest automotive market. One fifth of all cars registered there are built by German manufacturers. Chinese buyers of new cars are demanding, they want premium cars and they want high-quality cars that are efficient, comfortable and sporty. And we have a strong position in all of these fields.

“For the German OEMs and suppliers, China is not only an export market, but primarily also an important production location. Improvements in the conditions for investment will strengthen our cooperation and also help China achieve its economic targets.”

Eckehart Rotter
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