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Two working days less – New passenger car registrations down in May

Berlin, 04 June 2018

Domestic market buoyant in first five months

As May had two working days less this year than in 2017, new registrations of passenger cars in Germany were 6 percent down on last year, at 305,100 units. In the first five months of the current year, 1.5 million passenger cars were newly registered, which equates to a rise of nearly 3 percent. This kept the domestic market at a high level.

The proportion of diesel vehicles among the new passenger car registrations came to 32.3 percent during the first five months (41.9 percent in 2017), and the May figure was 31.3 percent (40.4 percent in 2017). Orders arriving from Germany in May showed a slight year-on-year fall (-4 percent). This year domestic incoming orders have so far remained stable.

Exports and production were also affected by the number of working days in May. In all, 347,500 cars were supplied to foreign customers (-5 percent). The German manufacturers exported a good 1.8 million passenger cars in the period from January to May (-2 percent). Three out of four cars built in Germany are destined for export, and so passenger car production in May was also down on the same month last year, at 442,800 units (-8 percent). During the first five months of 2018, almost 2.4 million cars were produced (-4 percent). 

  May 2018 January - May 2018
Passenger cars *) Volume Change
18/17 in %
Volume Change
18/17 in %
New registrations 305,100 -6 1,497,800 3
  of which
    German makes incl. group makes 215,400 -3 1,043,200 3
    Foreign makes 89,700 -11 454,500 2
Export 347,500 -5 1,832,400 -2
Production 442,800 -8 2,356,300 -4
*) Estimate
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