Automotive industry appeals for transatlantic agreement conforming to WTO rules

Berlin, 20 June 2018

Despite the difficult situation at this time, the German automotive industry appeals for continued talks with the US in order to strengthen transatlantic relations and resolve existing problems. Trade barriers can only be eliminated by both sides. A transatlantic agreement conforming to WTO rules, which includes industrial import tariffs, might be a path to take. Future agreements between the EU and the US must be based on the rules of the WTO. There are no proposals for unilateral concessions or the mutual elimination only of duties on imported cars.

The heavy investment by the German automotive industry contributes to prosperity in the US. Manufacturers and suppliers produce there not only for the US market, but also export vehicles from the US to numerous other countries. Accessible markets are therefore crucially important for the German automotive industry’s commitment in the US. So we are also hoping that the Section 232 investigation will not result in protective import tariffs. We are also currently engaged in close dialog on these topics with the US embassy.

Eckehart Rotter
Eckehart Rotter Head of Department Press

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