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Experience pioneers of mobility, transport, and logistics of tomorrow at the New Mobility World FORUM

Berlin, 06 July 2018

Preliminary FORUM agenda published – Tickets for the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles available now

The New Mobility World (NMW) is the leading cross-industry B2B event for the mobility of tomorrow at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover (September 20th – 27th, 2018). The main topics of the NMW are the mega-trends of the future: Networked and automated driving, alternative powertrains, urban logistics, and transport services.

At the official conference program of the IAA, the NMW FORUM, decision-makers, innovators, and visionaries coming from a background in economy, science, and society discuss mobility, transportation, and logistics of the future (September 24th – 27th, 2018). The preliminary FORUM agenda is now available online.

Urban Logistics, Transport Services, Alternative Powertrains, Automated Driving, and Connected Vehicles will be the five main topics explored during the NMW FORUM. Keynote speakers, panelists and this year’s NMW Lab’s finalists (NMW’s startup challenge) will discuss and present visions and projects regarding the future of mobility. Topics include: urban mobility and logistics, i.e., for the last mile, alternative and zero-emission powertrains, connected and intelligent vehicles, and automated driving. The conference program starts on Monday, the 24th of September, 10.00 am on the FORUM stage, and concludes on September 27th.

The individual topics feature high-calibre speakers. In the context of the topic “Urban Logistics and Transport Services” on September 24th, Dr. Jan Bartels, VP Customer Fulfillment & Logistics, Zalando, will give a keynote presentation, and Uli Muench, Global Vice President – Automotive Industry, SAP America, Inc. will give a lightning talk and present insights into the future of urban logistics and transport services.

On Tuesday, September 25th, Denis Sverdlov, CEO, Arrival, will give a keynote presentation on “Alternative Powertrains.” The discussion revolves around the fueling, charging infrastructure, climate change, air pollution, and the range of vehicles with alternative powertrains.

On September 26th, the main topic is “Automated Driving.” Big data, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence are buzzwords in today’s society. On Wednesday the FORUM focuses on the progress of these new technologies and their impact on the mobility, transportation, and logistics industries. Dr. Johannes-Jörg Rüger, Executive Vice President, Bosch, among others, will give a keynote. In addition, the winners of NMW’s startup-challenge, NMW Lab18, will be selected.

The FORUM will come to a conclusion on September 27th, with the topic “Connected Vehicle.” Experts and decision makers discuss the effects of smart data and intelligent telematics on the mobility industry, how the industry changes and where new areas of applications are about to arise. Among the keynote speakers are Marcus Claesson, CIO, Daimler Trucks, Buses and Vans, and Dietmar Schnepp, Product Director Vehicle Communication Services (VCD), Laird Technologies.

Anyone who wants to be sure of a ticket for the NMW FORUM and other highlights at the IAA can order one, starting right now through the IAA-Ticketshop. The ticket prices remain mostly unchanged. Besides the regular Day tickets (weekday: 22 euros, weekend: 13 euros) and the Day tickets for a reduced rate (7 euros) as well as the Afternoon ticket (after 1.00 pm) and the Full-event ticket (69 euros), which is valid from September 20th until the 27th, there will be a Family ticket and a Trucks & Bus ticket available again. With the family ticket, parents and their children can experience the impressive world of commercial vehicles together. The Family ticket is available for 24 euros. The Trucker & Bus ticket, which is available for truck and bus drivers with appropriate verification (driver card and valid ID), can be purchased for 10 euros. Admission is free for children under the age of six. Disabled persons (with “B” on their ID card) are admitted to the IAA free of charge. Disabled persons requiring an attendant and wheelchair users and their attendants also have free admission.

In order to gain insight into the latest products of the exhibitors, soon slots for Guided Tours will be available for 15 euros at the IAA webpage. Each of the tours will take you to the product highlights, innovative solutions and services of selected IAA-exhibitors whose offering is relevant to that theme (overall duration 2 hours, 6 exhibitors per theme tour max.).

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